Friday, April 08, 2005

Phew! It is gone.

Finally, my one week old headache is gone. It has been nagging at me for nearly a week!! At least, I am happy to be in my little kitchen and paying attention to a long overdue recipe, Steamed Chocolate Cake (courtesy from Seadragon and Jo. Now is the time to put to test as to whether I can achieve something similar to the steamed chocolate cake that I have tried out in Kuala Lumpur sometime in December 2004. Verdict: Though different texture to the one I am seeking, this one is definitely for keep. Photobucket As my baking mood climax, a little adventure to my First Cake Icing. Photobucket
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  1. What can I say Edith, your cake and fudge just look FABULOURS!!!! The fudge is so smooth, my goodness! For your information, I haven't had my dinner yet. So hungry now.....

  2. looks just like Lana's chocolate did you manage to get the chocolate icing to be so shiny smooth..? so tempted to try. even though I am allergic to chocolates. :P

  3. Hi Edith, is your steamed chocolate cake recipe and fudge from Jo's? The fudge is so nice! Would love to try this weekend.


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