Saturday, March 19, 2005

Something different

What is Tamarillo? At many stalls up in Cameron Highland. Nearly all fruit and vegetable stalls were selling this so called Passion Fruit aka kai xin guo aka ai qing guo. We chanced upon a farmer who takes his time to show us round his nursery, explaining the difference between a Passion Fruit and Tamarillo. Tamarillo is also known as Tree Tomato and is originated from New Zealand. When the steam turns brown, it is ready to consume. The ones that we bought were Red Tamarillo. There is also another kind in yellow. The pulp is reddish with black seeds. Passion fruit on the other hand is purplish in colour and turned yellow when ripe. The pulp is white with black seeds. Both tasted completely different from each other. Photobucket As I was wondering how to make this more exciting. I decided to do some research on the internet and found many ways of eating this. From sauces to muffins. I decided on the Tamarillo Muffins instead. Verdict: Tamarillo Muffins - moist with tangy taste Photobucket I also decided to try again the oreo muffins as I don't think I done well the last time. This time round, I added another 50g sugar and didn't over mix the cookie and the batter. Verdict: Just sweet enough and better presentation Photobucket
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  1. Edith

    very nice photography work here! you have improved so much. interested to know how the Tamarillo fruit taste like. very innovative and creative way of decorating it with your muffin. :)


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