Monday, January 24, 2005

Important Knowledge - Bread

Yeast Conversation

To convert instant yeast amounts to either fresh yeast or active dry yeast, use the following conversion equations.

Grams of instant yeast X 2.5 = grams of fresh yeast Grams of instant yeast X 1.25 = grams of active dry yeast

Active dry yeast will need to be dissolved in warm water (38 degree) before being added to the dough.

Baker's percentage The following hypothetical formula, the bread flour and whole wheat flour percentages add up to 100 percent.

Bread flour 800g = 80%
Whole wheat flour 200g = 20% Water 650g = 65% Salt 30g = 3% Yeast 20g = 2%

Source: Baking Artisan Bread by Ciril Hitz
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