Monday, September 10, 2012

Final term

Today starts a brand new term for the kids. It is also their final school term which means a nervous period for the parents as they will be sitting for their final year exam.
My son will begin his final exam end of this month. As for my girl, I had a hunch it will be earlier than usual as they will be moving to their new holding school by end Oct.
As for hubby, he is excitedly planning for our year end holiday. This time round, we will be heading to West Coast in the States. In between, we are also visiting my brother and his family. A pity, that I won't be able to see my niece as she is only due a week after we leave.
So before we get to enjoy, we need to work hard first, at least for the kids.
My kinder friend GL and I decided to spend an afternoon of fun. We decided to bake together. I have not been baking swiss roll for the longest time and I think I should really explore more into it.
There was a craze of beautifully design swiss roll sometime back. Though I was very tempted back then, time didn't permit to "play".
Initially I wanted to make mooncakes with her but decided that I should go for the swiss roll instead.
I did the worst mistake a baker can ever do. I didn't read my recipe, not even once!
I just merely printed it out and then went about gathering the ingredients. Only when we were about to get started, I realised that a part of the instruction was missing.
Darn!  Luckily I had another recipe on hand.
Thus I married the two recipes together.  I took recipe A ingredient and used recipe B method.  I shall be fair to the contributors and will attempt the two recipes again.  Now I better go find out where is the missing instruction.  Need to reconnect the missing links.
It was not a fantastic recipe but it didn’t turn out ugly, did it?


We seriously need to set aside a few days to yak as time seems to be a factor. hahahhaa
Nevertheless, I had an awesome time with GL and I hope she does too.  
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  1. Actually the random colours and the chocolate looked nice.

    1. Thanks J. I still can't leave comments on yours. I wonder what is wrong.

  2. Not ugly at all, infact it is very nicely rolled. ^o^
    My girl did not do well for her prelims, so everyday is a study stress out lor!! Hahahah~~

    1. Don't worry, prelim result not so good doesn't mean PSLE will be bad. In fact, I witness many cases that the kids surprised their parents with awesome results in the end. Have faith and don't stress her out too much coz she might goes blank during exam time. Take it easy.

  3. The swiss roll looks really cute, Edith! hehe.

  4. Leopard spots Swiss Roll. Hee..hee...

    1. hahahah... supposedly to be teddy bears!

  5. The swiss roll looks very soft. We all need to learn to relax and set aside time for ourselves to do what we enjoy.

    1. I didn't quite like the texture. But it is soft though.

  6. This is super cute! I love the way this turned out!


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