Monday, February 06, 2012

Last Day Celebration

Today marks the last day of the Lunar New Year . This year, it is an extremely laid back for us. With hubby off for a week, besides visiting my relatives and meeting up with my college classmates, we basically stay home most of the time.

Anyway, for yesterday's gathering at LS's place, I wanted to try my hand at preparing Yu Sheng as it looks really easy after seeing how my sister prepared it. Also my mom gave me a bag of those ready made condiments that goes with it, so it should be really easy peasy job.

Unfortunately I used the wrong size plate for my mandolin and ended up with thick shreds instead of thin ones. I didn't really have time to explore another option as I had to rush to church.

I used smoked salmon instead of raw as I didn't want to risk food contamination during this period.

Overall, it tasted not that bad except that if the shreds are finer, it would have been better.

To end this festive period, I have gotten another award. Yes, it definitely feel sweet.

Kitchen Flavours actually presented two awards but since I had already done the Libester Award, I will not repeat it again.

Thanks for thinking of me. You definitely make my day.

To carry on, I am following it to the following bloggers. Please do accept this award and forward it to 10 other blogger friends of your choice.

Table for two or more
Small small baker
Honey Bee Sweets
Travelling Foodies
Tasted and Tested
The batter baker
Piggy Journal
Sugar and everything nice
Happy Home Baking
Yummy Bakes

So now girls, go have some fun.
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  1. Thanks for the award and 元宵节快乐!

  2. Edith for sharing this award with me and I love your yu sheng too.

  3. Using smoked salmon is a great idea, as it has a stronger flavour than raw fish.

    Thanks for the award, Edith! :-)

  4. Thanks so much for the award Edith! It's been awhile since I recieve one, lol!

  5. Hi Edith, congrats! and thanks for sharing the award with me :):)

  6. yu sheng seems to be a bit of work for me..shred this and shred that..good that you hv some ready made condiments, that will at least save some work!

  7. Hi Edith, congrat on your awards. Your yu sheng looks good and appetizing.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hey, I remember you, we had meet in KC forum many years back. My nick name in KC is amelia, once upon a time when everyone was so active. I had previously posted my chilled tau huey in KC, not sure if you remember?
    Have a nice day.Regards

  8. Thanks for dropping by Jay.

    You are welcome Small Small Baker.

    My pleasure Yummy Bakes.

    Healthy as well Elpiniki.

    wendyywy @ Table for 2, have fun.

    Piggy, you are right. It has more flavour than raw.

    Honey Bee Sweets, I know. Me too.

    Happy Homebaker, you deserve it.

    lena, I had a cut while doing it. Perhaps coz I woke up really early to prepare it. But I learnt, next year I will use a finer plate. Overall, it is really easy with those condiments.

    Amelia's De-ssert, thanks. Seriously I am no longer active in KC.

  9. I like homemade Yee Sang but i have not prepared it for last two CNY, because lazy, hehehe..

  10. Just notice it today, and thanks for sharing with me. However, my blog name should be Tested and Tasted :)


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