Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Like a tortoise

This week, I am moving around like a tortoise. Very slow and steady. I am also looking forward to having one tuition lesson less in a week till end of the year. To be honest, isn't it great if tuition centre all closed during school holiday?

Since my kids are all on diet in preparation for their competition next weekend, I also refrained from baking too much. Though my girl is requesting for madelines, I am holding it till she is done with her compeitition.

So now I leave you with this mushroom risotto which we had last week.


I really love the creamy texture. While cooking it, my son commented that it smells good. Nothing beats compliment from your family while you are cooking.
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  1. This sure looks good! All the best to your children's competition.

  2. How true... When the kids and the family love all that we produce in the kitchen, everything is worth it.

  3. i still have not got a chance to taste risotto yet, do they actually taste like rice?

  4. Passionate About Baking, Thanks, they both earned a silver and a gold. Really proud of them.

    wendyywy @ Table for 2, don't they always motivate us to work harder in the kitchen. hahaha

    lena, to me, it is a cross bet rice pudding and porridge infused with lots of flavour.

    Sharon, Happy Christmas to you too!

  5. Hi Edith, as the story goes the tortoise did win the race! So slow and steady is the way to go! The risotto looks delicious and yes, compliments from family and friends are the best.

  6. So true- compliments from my family always make me feel so good! Your risotto looks delicious and creamy!

  7. Jo , this tortoise is really slow but I juz got news that I have another two more months to go.

    Von and Loveforfood, thanks.


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