Sunday, December 04, 2011

Final trip

I hope this will be hubby's final trip for the year. I seriously pity him, after taking on this role, he worked so much harder than before. I really appreciate him spending time with the kids as much as he could. Well we still have to endure for another year plus.

Before he disappear for another week, I wanted to cook a good meal and enjoy together as a family. Somehow, I always appreciate my parents' role in raising family. We always eat together. When I started my family, I too insist that we must have our meal together every night. Of course there will be nights that hubby has to entertain but at least those are kept to a minimum.

I am sure my kids will grow up appreciating this.

I loaned a book from the library last week and I spotted some really interesting recipes from it. I will be churning out more delicious dishes from this book soon.

The first dish that I tried is Crispy Pork Ribs with Fermented Bean Curd.


Generally, I don't add sugar to my cooking. So this dish gets a hint of sweetness that we are not accustomed to but overall, it didn't taste that bad. I guess the sweetness could have been from the Chinese Rose Wine.

Overall, it will be great if there is more salt added to it.

Next I did a Poached Spinach with Century Egg. Original recipe needed three types of eggs. I was having a slight hiccup with my salted eggs. The first one, I cracked it by accident but the yolk was not good. The second one, after cooking, I realized it was spoilt too.

I had a hunch that my helpers placed it too near the heat and all were spoilt before I have a chance to cook it.

With that hiccup, I totally forgotten about the third egg and that is the fresh chicken egg.


My daughter actually baked some premix brownie and she was really proud of herself. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a picture.

Nevertheless, it still tasted good and we had a great evening.
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  1. I love poached spinach with 3 eggs! You've compensated with the dried scallops!

  2. Shirley you are right. I love the broth as well.


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