Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day

This year, it was supposedly to be a quiet Christmas for us. In fact, we spent this period looking for appliances and checking out fittings for the new abode.

Last minute, DC decided to have a birthday party for her kid and we were invited for a BBQ.

I am amazed how she can pull though organising it within a day. She even hired a company that organised laser gun combat for the kids and my son had a great time with it.

My girl didn't go for the game as she was busy in another party. H had been organising Christmas parties for nearly 3 years now. Just love her personality and she is a great host but I am sad that her girl will be withdrawing from this school and moving on to another IP school but we promised that we will keep in touch.

As usual, I didn't like to go empty handed to the BBQ so I prepared two cakes for the night.

My first attempt was the Hummingbird Cake. I heard so much about this cake but never attempt on it as there is pineapple in it. Yet I am really curious on its taste.


Though I didn't like pineapple but some how, it tasted good in cakes just like pineapple tarts. Guess cooked pineapple is better than raw pineapples.

Anyway, this cake received tremendous positive comments.


As I prepared a big tub of cream cheese frosting, the next cake I chose a Carrot cake to match it.


Though the cake looked dense but I won't say it is a failed attempt for it tasted really good.


Both cakes received positive feedback. I guess Carrot Cake is more common than Hummingbird Cake, so most want to try Hummingbird cake instead.

Both taken from the same book, Hummingbird Bakery.

Now, I guess you are already planning for your year end party. Perhaps I should to. Invite my family over for a small dinner. I am sure they don't mind the mess in my house.

Well let's see how I managed as I need to complete some orders before I do my countdown.

Have a Blessed Christmas.
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  1. I have heard Hummingbird Cake but never try before , curious about the taste, must look for the recipe and try soon. Your carrot cake look yummy too.

  2. wow that looks delicious! you're spoiling my motivation to eat light and virtuous foods for the new year ><

  3. Both cakes look delish to me! Now I'm very tempted to try the Hummingbird cake...Thanks for sharing!

  4. Edith, how is the renovation going? Hope everything is according to plan? This cake looks gorgeously moist and full of texture. I love it. Any way wish you and your family a happy new year and all the best for 2012.


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