Thursday, December 01, 2011

Layers by Layers

I am begining to fall in love with my Happy Call Pan. In fact, I already asked my hubby to buy a deeper one when he visit Korea next month.
(If you ever bought one directly from Korea, please do let me know where. Thanks.)

I heard so much about Crepes cake but never tasted one so when I saw the recipe, I knew I had to made one myself.


This looks like a lapis cake don't it? but I spent half the effort making it.

I love the texture of the crepes and best of all, my family loves it too.

Since I had the last piece of pork belly in the fridge, I decided to make Roast Pork as well.

You see, I attempted Roast Pork many years ago and it left me a smoky kitchen for many days. Thus though it was a good recipe, I wasn't keen to try it anymore till now.

Verdict: Because of a different cooking method, I find that after blanching the pork in water, the marination was a little difficult to infuse into the meat. I will have to increase the seasoning portion next time.

Also I need to make sure that the skin will touch the base of the pan FULLY so that the skin will brown evenly.


Overall, it is okay but will be nicer if I increase the salt and brown the skin more.

Definitely looking forward to attempt more recipes.

Source: Happy Call Pan Forum

Crepe cakes

What you need:

150g sieved top flour
30g castor sugar
3 eggs
350ml milk
45g melted butter, cooled
Chocolate ganache or nutella


Mix flour, sugar and eggs together until lump free.

Alternate the milk and butter into the batter.

Sieve the mixture to remove lumps, set aside for 30min.

Heat up pan, add a ladle of mixture, swirl batter to cover pan for even layer.

When the edge starts to brown, close pan and flip over to cook the other side.

Spread ganache while crepe is still warm, place the next layer of crepe and continue till batter is used up.

Roast Pork

What you need:

1 kg Pork belly
10g salt
20g seasoning (10g salt, 2 tsp pepper and 10g five spice powder)


Wash and clean the pork belly.

Boil in water for about 15 to 20 mins until cooked.

Drain and pat dry.

Rub salt on the skin and the seasoning on the meat.

Marinate it for about 2 hours or overnight.

Put a tbsp of oil in the Happy Call Pan. Using med high heat, place skin side down and cooked for 6 mins on each side or till crackling appeared.

Further cook the meat skin for another 6 mins.
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  1. Hi Edith,

    May I know where your hubby brought the Happy Pan in Korea..I am going there next wk..

    Serena in bkk

  2. Serena, my hubby is asking his colleague to get it for him since he doesn't have much time there. Perhaps can try their departmental store.

  3. For the skin, usually I go for 1 heaped Tbsp per kg to get it really dehydrated.

  4. Hi Edith

    I have seen the advertisment of the Happy Call Pan on TV and was contemplating which one to buy. Could you kindly show the picture of the pan in your blog so that what I have seen on TV is similar as yours
    Thanking in advance for your help.


  5. Oh cool! My sister and I were talking about getting the Happy Call pan for months and couldn't decide because no one we knows can give us the justification of its good results. And since u said its good...I'm going to get it too!!! Thanks Edith! The roast pork looks yummy!!!!

  6. HI Edith

    after i saw the pan at your blog , i saw it again in was so excited when i found out that the pan is from korea. will be going there in 2 wks' time. i was told can get the pan from Lotte supermarket or Emart. i checked the website of Happycall, the one i am eyeing (ie the Ocher deeper pan) is selling at about S$41. can't wait!
    regards octopusmum

  7. I found you when I was browsing blessed homemaker's blog. May I know where and how much you bought this happy call pan? I'm interested to get one for my mum. FB

  8. Serena, any big supermarket.

    wendyywy, noted coz I am making it again for yuan siao gathering.

    Yummy Bakes, me too.

    Hi Serine, mine is the basic red one.

    Honey Bee Sweets, well I didn't regret buying it. Fried fish last night and it was a breeze.

    Hioctopusmum, have fun shopping. I like the Korean rice wine as well. Try it. The gold label.

    FB, I bought mine from a spree organised by Grace. I think I paid less than S$60 but I did a self collect in Toa Payoh.

  9. Thanks Edith for your reply, appreciate it :)



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