Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am really at lost what to do. I hated it when I can't trust someone and especially living under my roof.

I don't ill treat but yet dishonesty still sets in.

Does it give her the right to take without asking, even for my kids, I always teach them to ask for permission before they take something or eat something.

Why I am so pissed was that my hubby already told her that besides the cleaning and dirty laundry, she cannot remove things in my room without permission.

I really hated it when the family don't get to eat it and she, on the other hand was helping herself to a full bag of it. She always heard me lecturing my son about selfishness, sharing and acts as a family and yet, she is also doing it.

Damn how am I supposed to treat her as part when she is so dishonest! And even cunning because yesterday I still see it in her drawer and this morning, I casually told her that I am looking for it and when I went back to check, it is still not in my bedside drawer and the evidence had been removed from her drawer as well!

I have to endure, endure and endure.... 7 more months! Hubby said to remember her good points and not the bad. I am trying ….. arrgghh

Okay, talk about happy thing, food! I borrowed a book from library on Truly Nyona - Penang. Tried their chicken and it was delicious. Unfortunately didn’t had a chance to take a picture to show you all.

So today I tried another recipe, Bean sauce fish (豆酱鱼) and I really like it.

Hope you do too.


What you need:

1 slice fish fillet, rub with some starch
2 tbsp bean paste (soak in 1 cup of water and then drained)
1 pcs ginger, sliced thinnly
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 red chilli (chopped) I omit as I don't have

1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
some minced spring onion (I omit)


heat up 1 tbsp of oil. Fry fish until both sides are golden brown over med heat. Remove and set aside.

Add ingredient ginger and minced garlic and fry until fragrant.

Add bean paste and fry for another 5 mins.

Add fish, light soy sauce and sugar.

Add 1/2 cup of water and bring to a boil and turn down heat to low.

Braise for 5 mins.

Sprinkle minced spring onion on top.

Serve with jasmine rice.
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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this...I hope it's just a misunderstanding.
    The fish looks delicious and I hope it helps you calm down and relax a bit.

  2. yummy. I love chinese cooking. I might try it out sometime this week!


  3. are you referring to your helper? if so, 7 months is not a short period if everyday she frustrates you.

  4. Dear like Lena i ask you is your helper?

    This meal look delicious! be fine! xxgloria

  5. I can understand how you feel about it. It was like betrayal! Times like this, I would be at a loss too! Nowadays, engaging a helper can be a headache. I really don't wish to go through the process of teaching and coaching again!

    Back to your fish, it looks very appetising. Simple dish can satisfy sometimes.

  6. My part time helper comes out with something weird each time (long story) but I've yet to catch her doing anything wrong probably because I'm not observant enough.

    But the fish looked absolutely delicious - yum!!!

  7. Angie's Recipes, it is no misunderstanding as we had make it very clear to her on her first day of work. I guess being too comfortable is the result of this.

    I am not acting on it, hubby will take care coz he speaks her language so there won't be "I didn't know or understand what mdm said" issue.

    iva , thanks for dropping by. I have some nice Chinese recipes here if you are keen.

    Yes lena, I am referring to my helper. At this moment, I am closing both my eyes till hubby comes home on Sunday. He will talk to her and refresh on our house rules.

    I am not good with confrontation.

    Gloria, yes it is.

    Passionate About Baking, for a good 5 years I was very happy without a helper. The emotional stress sometime is very hard to handle. Plus I already having hand full with my son.

    I even thinking of not having one after her contract is done in July next year but hubby is advising me against the idea. He doesn't want me to end up in hospital again.

    So tough right?

    Beau Lotus, hahaha.... we can share stories. Mine, I can write a book on it!

  8. The fish looks delicious and it will go down well with rice.........mmm

  9. I hear all sorts of stories from my girlfriends as well. Unfortunately most households can't do without helpers and therefore have to endure. Hopefully whatever is told to her sinks in. BTW I like this fish recipe. Will keep an eye out for this book when I am in the library the next trip.

  10. Take it easy and dont let this anger ruin your health. This dish looks really good - can afford to have extra bowl of rice. :)


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