Sunday, October 23, 2011

A terrible weekend

This weekend is just absolute horrible. After our big fight, I was down with a bad migraine. It got worse and by Sunday morning, I was in a bed ridden mode.

Panadol extra no longer able to ease my pain. Last night, after searching in my medical box, I finally found a slab of Nurofen. Unfortunately that still didn't help.

My sister buzzed me yesterday asking for permission to bring my son out for lunch. Well... a pep talk.

I could hardly open my eyes when they came back from lunch. After hearing our sides of the stories (helper's, daughter's and mine), I guess my sister finally know the hell I am living in.

Strangely, after a good cry, my pain lifted. I was able to function and even baked in the evening! I am so glad that they stayed for dinner as at least I get some happy time.

Since my sister was craving for scones and my pain is gone, I decided to bake the recipe that I shared in a magazine early this year.


As I wanted to get this done quickly, I didn't bother to measure out the height of the dough as well as giving it a nice egg wash. So pardon the "short" and dull scones.

Since my sister only eaten sweet scones but never a savoury, I am happy that she liked my Bacon and Cheese Scones.


Been eyeing on Chocolate Bottom Banana Slice from Hearty Bakes for a few weeks and since my pain eased, I quickly follow through my motion and done a batch.


My niece liked it very much and even asked for second helpings.


As for the rest of the week, the only peace I think I can get out of it all is to be the one giving and giving, since he can't take no as an answer.

The only solace I can get right now is to stay away, but then I am being labelled as a mom who doesn't care and love. So seriously, I no longer know what to do.

Hubby asked me to take it easy but living under the same room with hostility in the air is really no easy job.

Just a moment ago, he was talking into the air, asking for his weekly allowance. I choose to ignore, since after all, he is not talking to me.

Am I doing it right? haiz. At 14 already so rude to his mom, I can't imagine him earning his own money. I guess I will have to live in hell by then.

Better save up my own money so that I can decide on my own retirement villa.

Chocolate Bottom Banana Squares
What you need:

113g butter -113g (softened)
210g sugar
1 egg (lightly beaten)
1 tsp vanilla
3 medium ripe bananas (mashed)
212g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
14g cocoa powder
169g chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 180 ºC and prepared a 9” Square pan, greased and lined.

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy.

Drizzle in the beaten eggs, vanilla and mashed bananas, beating thoroughly.

Sieve in the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt to the creamed mixture in above step and mix it well.

Divide the batter into half. Add the cocoa powder to one portion of the batter. Spread that portion in the bottom of a greased 9inch square baking tin.

Spread the remaining plain batter on top the cocoa batter, swirl gently with a knife and sprinkle top with chocolate chips.

Bake for about 30 minutes or test batter done with a toothpick or fork.

Cool and cut into squares to serve.
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  1. Sorry you had a bad migraine dear, I know what is it! Hope you feeling well soon and your socnes look absolutely amazing!
    Sometimes cry is good for migraine! besos

  2. i hope you are feeling okay now. Those are some impressive bakes btw. i love the idea of a savoury scone and the chocolate chip on the banana cake is so generous. dont worry too much about ur son. i was a pretty rude kid too growing up, he will definitely come around when he gets older.

  3. So sorry you're having a bad day... I hope you and your hubby make up soon! I mean, looking at your great looking food.. I don't know how anyone can pick a fight with you. Cheer up! :)

  4. You are a very good loving mother. Your son will appreciate you when he goes to Army.BTW, I was impressed by his many As in his recent exams. Theresa

  5. So sorry to hear that. My sons no need to wait till 14-year-old, at 4 he already so rude to his mum and my husband always say it's my responsibility to teach him well (being a SAHM).... so angry!

  6. Seems like a roller-coaster ride for you. Hopefully you get to see light at the end of tunnel real soon!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your problem, Though many children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder are found to have neurologically related symptoms over time, the primary problem is behavior.

    Parents need an arsenal of coping strategies to reduce the behavioral problems at home. The first step is effective diagnosis and treatment by a practioner with experience in mental disorders of childhood. Nearly all of the behaviors associated with the Disruptive Behavior Disorders may be seen in normal children from time to time. The Disruptive Behavior Disorder diagnosis is made when the frequency and persistence of these symptoms result in clinical impairment in social, academic or occupational functioning. Ongoing supervision by a competent mental health practitioner is crucial because the disruptive behavior disorders are frequently accompanied by other disorders such as ADHD, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders.

  8. About your question, I was thinking! maybe you can use quinoa an cook and let dry like the burgul! quinoa is nice! gloria

  9. Gloria, I am better now. Trying hard to keep the stress down.

    crustabakes, thanks for yr concern. I am better now.

    I hope he will grow up to be a nice man and not a monster like now.

    Sook, thanks for your concern. The fight was not with hubby as he is not around but with my 14 years old son. Definitely now he is not seeing me as someone nice.

    Theresa, I really pray and wish that he will change, for Army will give him a culture shock.

    The difficult part for me is that he is very intelligent but extremely lazy. Thus as a mother, it is really difficult to let him be. Coz I tried that before and he flunked. A pity when you see such situation. But when push or nag, he will do well but I have to put up with his nonsense lor.

    爱丝特, being a SAHM is really tough. Though my hubby didn't expect that from me but somehow I felt responsible for it.

    quizzine, definitely a roller-coaster ride. Especially when hubby is not around, it makes it even harder.

    Anonymous, do you think they can be cured?

    He is already on medical help but it is tough as they only see him monthly and not daily.

  10. Oh dear, hope you are better now. :P lndeed a SAHM job is never an easy one. Hope your son will "wake up" soon to see who is truly the one that cares and love him the most. :P hang in there! I tried the chocolate bottom banana cake before but somehow didn't like it too much....

  11. Hi Edith,

    Take it easy. Life is short, don't be hard on yourself for things which cannot be controlled 100%.

    Some people say that migraine can be cured by indian ayurveda traditional medicine/massage. But I have not personally tried it as I dont have migraine.

    Take care.


  12. i know migraine is painful, hope you feel better by now. I tried this chocolate square but my kids don't really like it..

  13. Edith, you said your son is 14? Don't worry about it, all kids go through that rebellion stage. Some kids are worst than being rude to their parents. If that is the only thing your son does other than lazy to study, I must say, you are blessed. I have friends who have children who join gangs, do drugs, steal and end up in jail. That is even more heart breaking ya? If he does not work hard at his study, try not to fight with him. If your nagging doesn't work, just let him choose his own path, after all, he is the one who will face all consequences. You have done your best as a mother. No need to get so stressed up and get so much pain and fall sick. In this modern world, children are no more our insurance, good health and financial stability are:D These are just my 2 sen hehe. HUGS!! Oh good job on the bakes. LOVELY!

  14. Thanks Honey Bee Sweets, you are right, SAHM job is never easy.

    As for the cake, I might have added in a little too little banana. Next time I will weigh it instead but the chocolate make up for it.

    Sally, I am trying to but sometime it is hard.

    As a mother, we need to discipline but yet we get some reaction.

    As a mother, I need to protect the younger one but yet I become helpless instead.

    I heard about indian ayurveda traditional medicine/massage. But I don't know which one is good. Don't want to give rip off for being ignorant.

    BTW, I still owe you the popcorn recipe.

    Sonia, of late, it kept hitting me. Perhaps due to stress as well as an old injury that I got from a horse riding accident.

    Quay Po Cooks, yes you are right. I am blessed that he is sensible enough not to do all those.

    As for the study part, if I pushed, he gets good results but if I don't, he will get RED.

    As a mom, knowing that he is so bright, I finds it a pity if he has to go thru the hard way.

    I guess I have to have stronger faith.

    Thanks for your advice.

  15. i love that banana squares. edith, i just hope you are not pressing too hard on yourself.

  16. Thanks Lena, I always have my ups and downs. This period should consider my downs.

    Coz of my kids, I always have to pick up myself up no matter how tough. But there are days, I really feel so deflated.

  17. Edith,

    For your migraine, you could ask Lord Jesus to manifest His Lord's hand into your migraine, bind the satan out and be thou pluck out by the root and be planted into sea. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

    As for son don't study, don't just do nothing, let go and pray to Jesus. Put him on His nailed pierced hand and asked Him to take over leading your son to study.

    Guess you read my nephew good results, his mum too busy with work no time to worry about him. She passed him to Jesus and told Jesus to guide him. This is the result of trusting Jesus to lead.

    As for me, I used to worry much for dd and nagged much, but end up just so so result. Now I decided to let go and let Jesus take over.

    Bible have this saying, if a wife nagging, better for the husband to stay on the roof top. It also say nagging won't leads to much change.The only thing Jesus said in the bible to his disciple was, oh, you of little faith...

    Faith is looking to Jesus finished work at the cross and proclaim his deliverance. In Christ you are king and priest, if you speak negative, you will see negative manifested, so learn to speak positive and encouragement.


  18. you can go sid roth website and from past show, listen to Bill Ligon.

    There was a boy, whom always failed, and how he became successful after the curse in his life was broken.


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