Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pop Pop Pop

Have you been to cinema lately?

I was flabbergasted when I saw how much they charge for a small box of popcorn with drink.

The last time I made popcorn was 3 years ago. Time really flies. It seems like just yesterday we moved out of Seletar Airbase. haiz... beautiful memories from that place.

Anyway, my kids love popcorn. So while grocery shopping, I finally remember to grab a bag of kernel. (Yes I am very forgetful, even with shopping list, I tend to misplace it while doing grocery! 没得救)

Making popcorn is really easy. You just need a heavy wok cover and you will have freshly made popcorn in no time.

Initially, my girl requested for savoury popcorn. So I actually divided into two batches, a sweet (my favourite) and a savoury.


Before I had time to settle down, she already finished up my share as she was giving herself a "movie" treats by watching Chipmunk and munching on popcorn.

Now, I thought she said she prefers savoury?

What you need

3 handfuls corn kernels
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp oil
1 cup sugar


Heat oil in the wok and add in corn kernels. Stir evenly.

Add in butter and stir fry.

Cover the wok and lower to medium heat.

Open the cover only when popping sound stops.

Remove from pan and into a bowl that is big enough for the popcorn.

Add the sugar in a non stick pan and caramelised it on low heat.

When sugar has melted, pour over the popcorn and stir evenly till all pop corns are coated.
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  1. It's a must for movie!! Nice pop btw.

  2. Anything that mommy makes is delicious, that's why she can't resist :)

  3. I prefer the sweet pop con than the savoury ones too.

    What did you add for both version of pop con?

  4. Hi Edith,

    Mind sharing with us how to make these popcorns?


  5. I like both sweet and savoury ones, best is, someone made them for me :D

  6. LOL, seems like your daughter cant resist herself. i wouldnt blame her! the popcorns look delish!

  7. hankerie, thanks.

    NEL, not all the time unfortunately.

    Zoe, me too. I have got sweet tooth when comes to popcorn.

    For the sweet, I caramalised the sugar. For the savoury, just sea salt.

    Sally, give me a day more to load up.

    Happy Homebaker any time.

    crustabakes, Thanks!

  8. Thanks Edith. No worries, take your time :)


  9. Hi Sally, so sorry for the delay. Already posted the recipe.


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