Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am not a hard core foodie if you asked me. I won't go that extra mile to check out good food. If there is a very long queue, I won't hesitate to forgo if I am hungry. I will of course go for the most famous if I am around that area.

I am game to try out dishes that I never tasted before (that is besides 野味). I will get bored if food is cooked the same old method daily.

I remembered there was a period we lunch out every Sat. Unlike my hubby, who always picked mini pot bak chor mee, I will go for different menu each week.

I can't hold down to a sport or activities for long. I will get bored. I need varieties in my life. There was a period I tried cross stitching, done three pieces and the rest was packed into a box. I had done knitting too, the same for the rest of the wool.

So far, baking and cooking still held the longest in my heart. So is it really passion or merely survival? Am I someone who is not determined enough to excel? I won’t say I am Jack of all trade but I am definitely master of none!

Anyway, when Table for 2.. or more posted a Hakka Xi Ban recipe that I have been wondering for the longest time. Actually, I wonder how this taste liked more than anything else. So I hesitated no more.


Especially after chatting with my good friend and knowing that she is now safe and settled into her new life, I feel a lot happier to get my groove to go back into my kitchen.

I still have some time to spare before bedtime. Perfect timing as this recipe needs proofing time.

Verdict: It is chewy but I don’t know whether I done something wrong or was it the recipe. It has a stick to the teeth texture which I don’t really fancy. My girl took a bite and rejected it. My helper said it is not too bad except that we can add in fillings to make it more flavourful. I didn’t even bother to offer these to my son for I know the reaction.


Will I make this again, I doubt so.

What you need:

A. Sponge dough

1 tsp yeast
200g plain flour
150g water

100g plain flour
150g glutinous rice flour
125g water
125g sugar
few drops of pink colouring (I omitted)

Oil for rubbing hands


Mix well all the ingredients for the A, cover and let it proof overnight. (approx 9 hours)

Mix A into B ingredients to form a soft dough. Proof for another 4 hours.

Divide the dough into 50g each (oiled palm) and place onto a piece of greased banana leaf.

Leave to proof for another 15 mins.

Steam over med heat for 15 mins.

Remove from steamer and leave to cool.
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  1. edith - i have the same problem - I took up cross stitching and now I have so much thread left, same with jewelry making :/

    anyway, having grown up on these hakka bans (my mom is hakka), my first thought is that your bans are a little too thick (or fat?) and a little wrinkled (but I don't know why though!). Also, the bans do have a chewy and sometimes stick to the teeth texture, so perhaps you're just not used to it? :) Otherwise, your bans look and sound perfectly good!


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