Friday, October 21, 2011


My girl has been pestering to bake muffins with her. The reason why she is so attached to this recipe was that she attended this class. Her good friend JY actually celebrated her birthday by baking together with her friends.

Baking muffins is the easiest activity that you can do with your kids. It takes less than half hour to get everything done.

Now I am happy that she is happy. Okay, this week had been really easy. Time really flies.

To end this week, I have gotten a very good news. My son has achieved 4 As this time round. A huge improvement from all his past 3 examinations.

I am sure he will excel if he continues to put in effort. I pray that he will mature and know his direction in life soon.

So let's enjoy a nice Chocolate Chip Muffins.


I am going to take it easy this weekend as next week will be another hectic week. Preparing my girl for her Holy Communion as well as Cupcake Fantasies commitment.
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  1. With a mum doing such a great job with muffins and all, it's no wonder your kids are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself!

  2. Hi Edith, wow! May I have 3 pieces...please? Looks so good! My favourites are those with berries or raisins.
    If you make with raisins, send me telegram, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.


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