Monday, August 01, 2011

To have or not to have

Generally primary school kids in Singapore sits for two small tests and two major exams. The small test is Continual Assessment (CA) 1 and CA 2 and the major exam are Semestral Assessment (SA) 1 and SA2.

I found out that my girl will not be taking her CA2 but will go straight into SA 2 and that is the final exam for the year.

With no CA 2, though it is less stressful at this moment, which usually takes place around August period before they go on a week long school holiday in September. I am actually worried about how her performances are. Her grading are like a roller coaster, some topic tests she done well and others not. I can't really assess her ability of comprehension at all.

You see, I am not expecting an A grade kid but rather her being lack of knowledge somehow dampened her confidence. After doing nearly 7 months of Maths tuition, I can start to see that she is enjoying lessons as well as home work. As for English, she is struggling badly still. I can't tell for Science at this moment as they just started it this year, but she is not showing good signs that she is understanding her work at this moment. Luckily, her interest in Chinese is still not too bad. If not, this poor girl really devotes her life to tuition centers.

For now, with no CA2, life is as usual. Only that I need to ensure that she is up to par in her understanding of what is being taught in school.

Went on to make another item on my to do list and that is Peng Kueh. Years ago, my mother in law will buy those with yam and it is really delicious. Been hunting a few places for this without success. So I need to make to do with normal ones.


Cooking the fillings is easy once I had everything. It is also very easy to adjust the taste with this recipe.

The dough is the difficult one. It was sticky and I had to rinse my hands and rolling pin several times. Pretty frustrating and I needed to get it done quickly so that I can go back to monitor my girl in her studies.

My hubby likes his pan fried, just like how my mother in law will usually does it.


Looking strange without that pink hue right? Nevertheless, it is not too bad. Just need to explore more on the dough.

So one item down, next!

Source: Agnes Chang (Delightful snacks and dim sum)

What you need:

250g rice flour
150g tapioca flour
1 tsp salt

450ml boiling water

3 tbsp fried shallot oil


300g glutinous rice (Soaked overnight and drained)
150ml water
3 tbsp fried shallot oil
1 tbsp soya sauce
Salt to taste
3 tbsp oil
1 tbsp chopped shallots and garlic, minced
60g dried prawns, soaked and chopped
5 dried mushroom, soaked and diced.

50g peanuts, boil till soft and drained
1 tbsp dried sole fish, toasted and pound finely



Put rice, water and fried shallot oil and 1/2 tsp salt in a tray and steam over high heat for 45 mins till cooked. Fluff up the rice with a pair of chopsticks. Set aside.

Heat wok with 3 tbsp oil and saute garlic and shallots until fragrant.

Add in dried prawns and fry till aromatic.

Add in mushroom and cook further.

Add in peanuts, dried sole fish and pepper and stir till evenly mixed. Taste and season with salt and soya sauce if needed. Divide into 16 portions. Set aside.

Put flours and salt into a bowl. Mix well and then pour in the boiling watre. Mix quickly. Cover and let it stand for 10 min before add in the shallot oil and knead till it is soft and pliable. Divide into 16 portion. Set aside (cover loosely with a cloth)


Roll the dough into a ball and flatten with either hand of rolling pin. (oil your hands or rolling pin)

Wrap one portion of fillings into the dough. Seal and put into a mould. Press close to the mould. Knock to get the dough out.

Steam on high heat for 10 mins. Brush with a layer of cooked oil while it is still hot.

Serve hot with dark sweet sauce and chilli sauce.
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  1. I find it so interesting that you share your troubles, and right after that, you go on to share a recipe and beautiful food that you cooked! COoking is also my way of relaxing myself and making myself happy (: About your daughter, don't worry too much. My mum used to nag at us everyday, (she still nags at me for spending too much time in the kitchen though haha) but we all turned out more than fine and even though we used to be annoyed, now I feel touched by all her concern!

  2. Nice of you to drop by Shu Han. Cooking and baking is my way of destressing. Let's hope it is a good thing. LOLz.

    Praying that one day my kids understands where I am coming from from all those nagging. :)

  3. My gal is at P2 now and I am having similar feelings as you Edith. With the stressful education system in Sg, I am always having 2nd thoughts whether we should have relocated back from California, lol! Anyways, l made the peng kueh before, I know what u mean about the sticky dough skin...resulted I have to oil my hands with vege oil before handling it. 

  4. I don't think your white peng kueh looks strange. I have always wanted to make these but thoughts stayed on as thoughts... no action :)

  5. E, I don't understand why you need a rolling pin for this. I have made this before and my way of doing it is on my blog.

  6. Your peng kueh looks so delicious and it is one of my favourite food. I feel so homesick and so hungry looking at your yummy peng kueh. Theresa

  7. wow, thanks for your sharing. I like to eat this kind of kueh but very lazy to prepare.

  8. Edith, I also like it pan-fried with the black sweet sauce.

  9. Honey Bee Sweets, to be honest, if i have a choice I rather educate them overseas. My nephews are in Cananda, I don't see any way they are slackers. In fact, I am more amazed by my 3 years old nephew's vocab! then my own kiddos.

    They don't have such stressful school life and it doesn't make them any less smart. The only thing they lose out is Mandarin but then again, I have friend's bro who picked it up when he was in his 30s!

    Thanks for the tip, next time i will oil by hand instead.

    Thanks Shirley. I like this recipe as I am able to "flavour" it before steaming.

    hehehe... don't ask me why tina. Just came naturally.

    Theresa, how long have you been away? Perhaps time to make a trip home. hehehe

    cherry potato, maybe you oiled your hand like HSB mentioned and that will make it so much easier.

    Yummy Bakes, oh yes, I forgot to mention that sweet sauce + my helper's chilli sauce. gosh, it rocks!

  10. Hi Mave, noted your recommendation. (sorry didn't publish your comment as there is a mention of supplier).

  11. I love peng kueh especially with peanuts in it.

  12. Ann, I should have taken a picture of it cut. Yes there are peanuts in it! Do you know how to made those with Yam fillings?


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