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Heritage Food Trail

By the way, a few of you wrote to me that it wasn't "prominent" when I posted my Heritage Food Trail blog post that day. So I am attaching the information here.

Let's hope you will all join me for this event.

If you are keen, just sent in your submission by 27th August 2011.



Cook a dish or made a dessert based on your heritage. That is either your own dialect or your spouse's.

Post it on your blog within 27 July 2011 to 27 August 2011.

Your recipe chosen can either be from hand me down recipe or if you source from a book or internet, please give due credit and a link to it.

Where to sent to?

Please indicate in your mail header: Heritage Food Trial.

The format:

Your name/dialect group: eg(edith/Cantonese)
Blog Name: Precious Moments
Name of the dish/dessert you are submitting:
URL of your post:
Your photo size should not more than 500k

Now let's have some fun and look forward to seeing your submission.

Remember the Heritage Food Trail that I told you about? Well, I had been reading quite a fair bit on other’s dialect group food cuisine of late.


I recalled when I was young, my Hainanese neighbour always make this little squarish kueh kueh filled with savory fillings. The dough is chewy and the filling is just delicious. When we shifted out, we lost contact with them.


Or when I was even younger, another Hainanese neighbour prepared this pig ear dish during Lunar New Year and it wasn’t the ang pow that I was looking forward to, it was this cold dish. Oh it was so good that even till to date, I still miss it.

Unfortunately, the old lady had since passed on and I seriously doubt her kids know how. Perhaps I have to get my mom to ask them but I heard that the main cook for this family now is suffering from some illness and she has since “retired” from her job.

I married a Teochew but my mother in law knows nothing except steam fish. She cooks Malay cuisine much better than Chinese.

Come to think about it, I don’t really know what is true blue Cantonese dish or dessert. I will have to stop checking out on others and do more research on this one.

In the meantime, I leave you with Fried Sweet Potato Rings which my son is crazy about. Guess what, it is the sugar coating that he was interested! LOLz.


Well this is nice to go with a cup of tea for our afternoon snack.

Now are you looking forward to this weekend? I am, because hubby has taken Monday off and it will be a long weekend for me. yea!

Source: Popular Kuih - Muih

What you need:

500g sweet potatoes - steamed and mashed
30g tapioca flour
50g plain flour
oil for frying

200g sugar
70ml water


Mix mashed sweet potatoes with tapioca flour and plain flour. Knead well to form a soft dough.

Divide dough into pieces and shape into a ball. Using your thumb make a hole in the centre.

Deep fry till golden brown. Set aside.

Boil sugar and water till it becomes thick. Drop in the potato rings, toss well in the syrup, remove and drain.

Serve hot.
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  1. your kuih keria looks so good. plump! I always see shriveled ones.

    Surf China's recipe sites, then you can know more. Or if you can get your hands on "Pei-Mei's cookbooks", then you can know the dialect of the dishes. I have my mom's cookbook published in the 70's and there are dialect recipes in there, but restaurant style.
    Traditional homecooked dishes are mostly forgotten nowadays and I do feel it is sad.

    BTW, I'm trying to do 3 dishes.
    One from my dad's side, one from my mom's and one from my hubby's.
    I'm not sure if I can do all these, but I'll try my best. My hubby has already warned me, he doesn't fancy his grandma's dish (the one I plan to replicate because I believe it's from his hokkien sub clan, jinjiang, cos the hokkiens I chat with have never eaten this, and they are from other clans), and I hope I make it better than the lady herself, so that he'll eat it for me. LOL.

  2. Your sweet potato rings are very soft and delicious. Like your son, I especially love the sugar coatings. Yummy!! Thanks for the wonderful recipes. Theresa

  3. Thanks Wendy for the head up on the website.

    I am definitely looking forward to your submission. It will be really interesting.

    It is sad that many recipes died along with the old folks. Will be nice to see someone replicate them now.

    I hope fellow bloggers will support.

    Theresa, thanks. It is very to made. you can attempt it too.

    Thanks Gloria for dropping by.

  4. I love the theme.
    Sweet potato rings look delish!

  5. Hi Edith - would love to join in the fun. Let me get back from my travels first. I should still have a week to meet the deadline after I get back :)

  6. yummy!! this is one of my favourites!! well done!

  7. Angie's recipe, do join in the fun if you can.

    Shirley, looking forward to your submission. Have a good trip.

    Mycookinghut. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Edith, think this is quite similar to the sweet potato donuts I made not long ago but yours look far more yummy than mine. I am now scratching my head what to cook from my heritage to join in the fun. I hope I will not fail several times like making the swiss rolls before I can submit a decent dish.

  9. Edith,
    Just to update you,
    I've just done my dad's and my mom's heritage dishes today. I'll be doing my hubby's dishes these few days and I'll get them posted before the dateline.

  10. hmm... does it have to be a dish of our own dialect group? or can it be characteristic of any particular dialect group?

  11. Thanks wendy for the support. Looking forward to them.

    Yes, travellingfoodies. If you are a teochew, a teochew dish but if your parents are teochew and hokkien, then a dish from either or both will be great as well. Sorry I missed this comment.

  12. I've decided to dump my hubby's dish. LOL.
    Really worried that I'll end up eating it myself.

  13. Hi Edith. Thanks for the invitation. I never entered anykind of games so far. Will give a try anyway.

  14. Edith, it's a good theme! Thanks for inviting me, I'd try my best to meet the deadline. c u soon!

  15. Edith, thanks for the invitation! My hubby and me are from hokkien clan and sadly I seldom bake or cook hokkien dishes. Yes, I like the theme and will try to meet the deadline.

  16. U making me craving for it right now, hehe...

  17. Your kuih keria looks great! I will try to join in - thanks for the invite! :)


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