Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 - out of syn and uninvited guests

Do join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.

You might be wondering how I keep my dear boy busy right? Well, we had come to a compromise that he must follow his school time table. Right down to recess time, to computer lesson which I had to reluctantly allow him to have for 1 hour. Now I am wondering for 1.5 hours computer lesson, half hour is lesson time and the other one hour is gaming time? Am I getting it wrong or what? Anyway, yesterday he had home economics and thus I got him to help out with the pasta making.

Unfortunately by afternoon, all his schedules just went out the window. So today, I am trying again.

Today, everything seems horribly wrong. First he got up late, stating that it is PE time. Then he started his Maths late because he said that the teacher is always late. Only upon objecting strongly, he got started by staring at the book. I wonder how can we study Maths by staring at the book? Took him another 40 mins to settle down and too soon, he got started arguing with me that he can’t do his assessment test because the book wasn’t flat! This time I really lost it! I can feel my heat beat skipping so fast that I told myself that I got to walk away if not, I might have stroke or a heart attack!

I lock myself in the room and just refused to think about him. After an hour, he started knocking on my door. Told me he completed the assessment and asked what time we had to leave to pick my girl up from school. Gosh, why must be always do this to me? Why can’t he just take my advice in the first place? Geesh, I just couldn’t figure it out. Can you?

Enough of frustration, this morning, after I sent my girl to school, I came home to be welcome by two uninvited guests and they seems wanting to stay for the night because by evening time, when we came home after my girl’s tuition, they were obviously getting themselves comfortable.

My girl fell in love with it immediately and wanted to keep them but I know that my hubby will never allow it. True enough, after the phone call, daddy said they can only stay for a day or two till we find someone to adopt them.

Unfortunately, I think my neighbour didn’t like them and soon after, they were gone. My princess was so sad that she went to bed at 8pm! No heart even to do her revision.

Well, I can’t blame her as you can see how gorgeous they are?




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  1. They are so cute. So, what happened to them? Did someone fetch them back home?


  2. Hi Edith, I'm not one that will go ga-ga about cats but they are cute! It must be the eyes, can't blame your girl. Hope they do find a home.


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