Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you hearing me?

This morning, because I took an antihistamine pill, I slept late but was woken by a phone call.

The most dreaded call, from my son's school, breaking a really bad news to me.

I wanted to cry but there wasn't any more tears. I wanted to scream but there isn't any sound. I seriously don't know how to react. Luckily hubby is in town, so I picked up the phone and call him.

I went about the day with a heavy heart, a lump in my throat that failed to go away. I knew that I had to stay away and let my hubby handle it.

Yet, I was anxious to be home to understand the whole scenario. I really admire him for being so strong, so logical and so calm.

I pray that my son will learnt from this experience. I pray that he will take this weekend and the next following three days to self reflect, to repent and to made amend.

I pray that now after knowing his side of the story and his medical condition that they will not jump into conclusion that quickly and have a better understanding of my little boy.

I pray that there won't be any more such calls from the school for it makes me feel that I had failed so badly as a mother.

Now let's take this bowl of Sharken Melon Soup to nourish the broken spirit. Let it heal wounds and let's move on with life.


Do join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.

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  1. It's ok. Stay strong n pray. And everything will be fine given time. U need to stay strong for your son! :)

  2. Feel very sad for you. Will pray for your son. Theresa

  3. Edith, just a word of encouragement and something I learnt that I like to share with you. There's such a saying, its 福气to be a parent。 所谓的有气,才有福。 I have one tween now, at times a challenge to handle too. I always believe, for the 1 time I scolded my boy, I have to make sure I hug him 10 times or more and make him feels loved and understand I'm not targeting him but his mistakes rather. And no matter what happens, mummy is always there for him. The journey of parenting is never easy. 一起加油!

  4. hi edith, though i do not know what happened, i just hope you're okay now and wish you well always!

  5. Dear Friend,
    I am sure the Lord will oversees your needs and prayers for your boy. And I also pray that the Lord will give you a peace of mind and lighten your burden.

    You are good and wonderful mum friend, stay strong and trust the Lord in his finishing work.

    p/s: your soup look absolutely good!!!! I can also taste it from here!

  6. Edith,
    It's never easy to be a parent. There's no one right method in parenting. Every individual is different. Parenting is through trial and error. Just pray continuously for guidance and wisdom. Will keep you in my prayer.


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