Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new me

First of all, I really wanted to thank all of you for your prayers and in encouraging and motivating me during this very difficult journey especially in sharing your experiences in raising a teen.

I guess since this is my first, I seriously had big shock dealing with one. I couldn't let go of being a mother of a child. I don’t know how to handle a child like adult and because of that, my relationship with my first born serious got strained especially he is not any normal child but one with special needs.

All these time, I never really considered him as one. I treated him as he is normal. Besides more tolerant with his hyper activeness, he is basically a normal child in my eyes.

Unfortunately children with ADHD are actually quite different. They needed a very structured environment which because of my poor ability to juggle with two kids, I never really seriously stick to it or rather I wasn't persistent in it.

From today onwards, I am going to adopt a different attitude in my parenting style. I will have to constantly remind myself that my baby is no longer a baby. In certain way, he no longer needed me to be around him all the time. Thus, I will focus more on my 9 years old instead.

I pray that my relationship with my son will heal and hubby ensured me that he will turn out okay as long as we are here for him when he needed us.

So to start on a clean sheet, I made their favourite dinner. Hubby has gotten some fresh mozzarella and what better way than to have it as Mozzarella Pizza. We really love the crust as this one is crispy. Of course, not forgetting another hot favourite, the Salami Pizza as well. The kids actually fought over how many pieces of salami each has. Luckily this is homemade thus there are plentiful.


Now we are talking about making fresh pasta, let's hope I can find some time to do it this week or should we wait till hubby is back after? Yes another long trip, somehow I didn’t dread it as much as previous.

Perhaps this beautiful reddish pink sky is a way of telling me that this is a new beginning, let's rejoice.


I pray that I will be stronger and wiser so that I can continue to work together with my son on this journey.

Thank you all!
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  1. Happy to know that you are so positive now. You are blessed to be a stay at home mom and with your presence and guidance, I fully agree with your husband that your son will turn out alright.Take care. Theresa

  2. You sound like such a good Mom. By the way the pizza looks awesome:)
    I am a Mom of two grown daughters too, and understand the frustration of the teenage years..... we all go through some sort of stress but after all it is because we care and love them so much... hang in there!

  3. Edith,

    I've benefit much from your blog, both cooking and parenting journey.

    My elder gal probably doesn't have the conditions but is no less easier to guide. Personality, hormonal changes (puberty), study stress, etc.

    I'm praying more to God and surrending to him. Just keeping the faith in Him.

    I want to say thank you for your blog.

    Warm regards,


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