Friday, July 15, 2011

Lesson learnt

Yesterday, I saw an ex colleague's picture in the obituary. Naturally I was saddened, for her life was just too short on earth. On the other hand, I knew she suffered tremendously. Our working relationship was short lived when she was diagnosed with lupus at a pretty young age. She left the company for she feels that she is no longer needed there.

Some years later, I bumped into her at a mall. She told me that she went through two major operations to treat her legs. Not only was she plagued by lupus, she also developed leukaemia and eventually succumbed to pneumonia towards the end.

At her wake today, I came to know that at least she celebrated her wedding anniversary with a trip to the Eiffel Tower. She is truly blessed to have a husband whom went through thick and thin together with her.

From her husband, we came to know that despite her illness, she always wanted to look good even when she was hospitalised, she never failed to wash her face, applied SKII.

I really admired her strength in living life to the fullest. Her husband said that she was the one who makes it much easier for him to go through this difficult journey, for she was always so positive despite her pain.

I seriously need to re-examine myself.

Rest in peace, Debbie.

After coming home from the wake, I felt that I needed to keep myself occupied. Just the other day, I was telling AK that I was curious about steamed brownie and she was so generous in forwarding a recipe.


So I got into my act. The instruction wasn’t really detailed, so I went by my instinct. The cake took much longer to steam. Texture was not as moist as I had expected. I am not too sure whether I actually over beat the batter or not.

Nevertheless, it still tasted nice but definitely not a brownie that I had expected.
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  1. May your ex colleague find peace in heaven.  I tried a steam chocolate cake/ brownie awhile back too and it turned out kind of dense and a little dry. I too was questioning did I over steamed the cake. Looks like steamed cakes are not as easy as we expected. 

  2. I tried steamed brownies once and I found it not as moist as I hoped too

  3. I fully agreed with you that despite her illness, she was blessed to have a husband who loved her through thick and thin.
    Your brownies looked good and delicious. Theresa

  4. Oh..i am so sorry your steamed brownie didn't turn out as you expected. Which recipe is this ?

  5. HBS, yours too? Trm I am going to try steam moist choc cake and see whether I still have the go at it.

    Wendy, seems like all of us experienced it. *thinking cap on*

    AK, don't need to apologize. It is the recent one.

  6. Theresa, in a way she is a really lucky woman. A man who loved her so wholeheartedly till her last breathe. I am so touched by this love story of hers.


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