Monday, July 11, 2011

Another long trip

Hubby is off to another long trip tomorrow so I wanted to do a special meal before he leaves.

I had forgotten to get pumpkin during the weekend grocery shopping and thus today I needed to run to at least 4 places before I finally got hold of a small pumpkin. Lesson learnt, never go to the market on a Monday as most stalls are closed.

Unfortunately, hubby called the last minute to say that he won't be having dinner at home. Though disappointed, I still went ahead as planned. C'est la vie.

Being sweet, he managed to come home early to have his King Crab and Asparagus Salad.


All these while, I always had the impression that Hollandaise Sauce is hard to make. I was totally wrong, it is not only easy but delicious as well.

We throughly enjoyed the Seared Fish with Hollandaise Sauce as our main.


Helper was worried that this is not enough as there is no carbo but we were so full after that we didn't even have room for dessert.
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  1. Hi Edith, however did your girl break her braces? And your dinner looks absolutely delicious. Haha call me next time if you get stood up - I'm ever ready.

  2. Your king crab salad and seared fish look so delicious and yummy. Theresa

  3. Edith, I have always wanted to try making a hollandaise sauce. Love the vibrant colour of your sauce.

  4. Jo you won't believe this story. While waiting for her bro, she wanted some cookies. Took for her braces and left it on the handle of the car door, ate her cookies, open the car door, dust her hands, close the car door, mommy DROVE OVER it! Classic right?

    Theresa, thanks. The meal was really good.

    Shirley, I always had the impression that hollandaise sauce was hard to make but didn't know it was that easy and nice too.

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