Wednesday, June 01, 2011


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My mom used to grumble that it is difficult to cook on a daily basis, especially two meals a day. Of course, back then, I wonder what is so difficult when you are cooking daily.

It didn't occur to me that what she meant was not the cooking process but the menu planning part. Especially with a fussy eater like my dad, life definitely wasn't easy for her.

Thus, I learnt from my parents and when I have kids, I made sure they weren't picky or fussy eaters. It was really easy for me to lay this rule for my wonderful hubby is such an easy pleaser. He eats anything food that sets on the table. Believe me, for years, he ate my mom's cooking without complaints. Not that my mom is a lousy cook but she is not as heavy handed as his mom when it comes to salt and sugar. Thus for him, everything was bland.

Then he married me, of course, he needs to adjust his taste bud for now I am the one feeding him and not his mom!

Anyway, my helper is a good cook too but it can be quite uninspiring with the taste. With different helpers, I get different requirements on my grocery list. I remembered there is a period, I always need to load up oyster sauce and another one is tomato sauce and for this one, it is salt and cornflour!

Thus, if I have the time, I usually like to experiment with cooking so that at least we have some form of change.

I have heard about lotus root stuff with minced meat as a dish but I have yet to try this. Saw some in the market and decided to recreate this dish based on what I hear.


It has a nice crunch to it I think I need to eat one to be able to made a comparison. So friends, any recommendation of eating place that I can go to, to experiment this dish?

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  1. Hi,

    this looks really yummy. Thanks for the idea!

    Do you need to slice the lotus root really thin so that they will be cooked thoroughly? Thanks in advance.

  2. PM, mine was around 1cm thick. I pan fried it first before adding the water seasoned with soya sauce, oyster sauce and salt and pepper. My hubby said it was good.

  3. This sounds like a really good idea! I always like eating the lotus root thinly sliced in restaurants (not sure what that's called) as well as in the soup and this sounds like a good 3rd choice for using them :D

  4. Janine, I am always game to try new recipes to widen up my choice of food on the table. hehehe...


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