Thursday, June 02, 2011

Playing too hard?

After a weekend of playing so hard, my little pricess was like having jet lag the next day. Went to bed about 10ish on Monday night and she didn't get up till 12 noon the next day. After that she complained that she has a sore throat.

I too was getting a sore throat, perhaps because of the BBQ and many vodka drinks that I had plus my girl was kicking really badly last night. Thus I didn't really get a good night of rest. As the Chinese's belief, not enough rest gives a "heaty" body, so perhaps that explains my symptom.

The only person that seems to be functioning normal is son. His energy is superb. Sometime I wonder where those come from.

I can see that my little one was really tired but she opted to still go for her tuition. I always admire this little one's perseverance.

That night, she developed a fever. After giving her Paracetamol, she felt better and in fact, her throat was less painful.

Still she wasn't behaving like a normal kid. When kids are not well, the first tell tale sign will be their restlessness.

I quickly went to brew some cooling drinks for her. Seeing her so down, I told her that I will bake her some SPAM® buns.


We were first introduced to Spam® when we visited M in Perth. This is pretty similar to Luncheon meat but since they reintroduced it to Singapore after the ban. I felt that the quality is no longer the same and thus, ever Spam® is on offer, I will load up a few cans.


So this is the best opportunity to try out Kokken's recipe. As you know, I hardly had a chance to attend class and it is through this means that I am able to learn more. Thanks for sharing.

I was adventurous, I double the recipe as I wanted to create a non spicy and spicy versions.

Remember the Shrimp Sambal that I made, well I still has them in the fridge and I have been craving for Sambal Bun. Taking the lead by Kokken, I made myself some. Guess what, with or without sore throat, who cares.


I’d done some Cheese Bun for son who is a cheese lover. This time round, I learnt from my previous experience not to incorporate the cheese into the dough as it creates a wet texture.


The dough is rather sticky as compared to other recipes that I used. As I was afraid that I will burn the motor of my Kitchen Aid mixer by mixing at Speed 4 for 15 mins, I took no chance. Instead I went on to hand knead it. Comparing the last bread experience that I had, this is harder to manage but strive on.

The process was pretty long but guess what, the effort really paid off. I am so delighted with the texture of this bun recipe.

The texture is very soft and light. I am now totally in love with this recipe. I strongly urge you to try it if you are a bread lover.

Thanks S for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction (June 2011) hosted by Jasmine from Sweetylicious.

What you need:

Water Roux

50g bread flour
75g boiling water

Bread Dough

6g dry yeast
160g bread flour
40g plain flour
50g sugar
2g salt
50g water
1 egg 1
40g softened butter

Method :

In a mixing cup, mix water roux ingredients together in a bowl. Cover with cling wrap and store in fridge for 12 hours.

With a break hook, add flours, yeast, sugar, egg and water in a mixing bowl. Start mixing at slow speed for 2 mins.

Add salt and continue to knead until dough lifts from the wall of the mixing bowl.

Add water roux mixture and continue to knead for 3 mins. (Kitchen Aid speed 2)

Add butter and increasing kneading speed to speed 4 (from here, I hand knead)

Continue kneading for 15 mins on speed 4 until dough is no longer sticky and does not break when pulled to perform window test.

Place dough in a slightly oiled bowl. Cover with cling wrap and leave to proof in a warm area for 45mins.

With lightly floured hands and table top, knead (6) to form a smooth round ball. Divide dough into 12 balls - about 40g each.

Roll each small ball into a round ball and leave to proof for 10mins.

Flatten each ball and roll out to a circle with a rolling pin. Place 18g of shrimp sambal filling in the center of the dough and wrap and seal the edges of the dough to form a ball.

Leave to proof for 1 hour.

Brush with egg white and decorate (I used beaten egg)

Bake at 185ºC for 8-10mins until brown.

Remove immediately and cool on rack.
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  1. Edith, I am so HAPPY that you liked this. You are the third person who has tried this and everyone has told me this is the best dough recipe they have worked with. I feel so proud :)

  2. Those buns look mouthwatering, esp. the one with sambal filing!

  3. Hope your dear daughter feels better soon.  oh yes this water roux recipe that Shirley posted, have been meaning to try it too! Perhaps this Sunday..

  4. i've been eyeing to try the recipe too! it look really soft and delicious! (: GREAT JOB!
    hope your daughter get well and take care! (:

  5. Shirley, you have all the reason to feel proud for this recipe is totally blown away. Even soft after second day!

    Angie, hahaha nothing beat homemade ones right?

    Honey Bee Sweets, thanks she is well now. phew.
    this is my first on water roux and totally love it.

    The Sweetylicious, strongly urge you to try it and thanks for your concern.

  6. I enjoy simple buns like these but too bad, I don't know how to make them :(

  7. Tigerfish, it is very easy. I am no bread expert and I succeeded. Give it a try.


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