Friday, June 24, 2011

Not giving up

I wasn’t detered by the failure of my Rye Bread, instead I went on to bake some cookies. The Buckwheat Butter Cookies that I tried not too long ago was really good. I decided to make these again and put them into gift packs for my classmates who are coming over for our pot luck dinner tonight.


Next I also tried a Malted Milk and Oat Cookies that D shared with me. This one another interesting chewy oat cookies recipe that uses Barley Flour. I had a hard time finding Barley Flour. In fact, I went to three supermarket before finding it. So today, I took a ride down town and bought it in an upmarket supermarket. Was pretty happy that I didn’t go home empty handed after all the trouble.


The smell of the cookie dough was simply irresistible. The cookies turned out beautifully on the second batch as I didn’t watch over it on the first and resulted in a little over the brown tone.


Note: I used a small ice cream scoop for this. Just scoop and do not flatten as this dough spreads.
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  1. Wow, Barley flour... that sounds like something an organic health food store would stock. I am intrigued by the texture...

  2. Shirley, I thought so too when I couldn't find it in NTUC finest Junction 8. As I am not into organic, I didn't know where to locate the store in Bishan. So I went to Tanglin Mall instead. :) Now looking for more recipes to use up that barley flour. :)

  3. So glad you liked the cookies, Edith! That barley flour was at Cold Storage King Albert Park but maybe they don't replenish often. I've used 2 packs of barley flour already, which shows you how often I make these cookies for the boys :-) Notice it uses double the Horlicks of the original recipe you posted.


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