Monday, June 06, 2011

Going away

Son was chosen to be part of the team that will have a friendly match in Kuala Lumpur.

DC was asking me whether I feel uneasy letting him go. Actually it was no because some years back, he already tried travelling without parents. He went on a trip to KL with his taekwondo team and then he was much younger.

Therefore, we were pretty chilled and relax about his trip. To encourage him to be independent, I didn't even bother to check how he packed his bag. It is time for him to grow up and learnt some independence.

Today, I am getting a neighbourhood tour from B as well. I only stepped into this estate once when I went to do my hair upon I’s recommendation. During the election, this area was called a slum so to be honest, I was really curious why such labelling. Guess where am I heading?

I thought it will be nice to bring her something as well as for son’s long bus trip. Knowing him, he will feel uncomfortable without something to munch along the way. Thus, I baked a big batch of Dorie's Chocolate Chip cookies.

I know my son will definitely enjoy it as it has chocolate chip but let’s hope B will do too.

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  1. Let me guess, you went to potong pasir? ;-)

    Is the cookies from Baking From My Home to Yours? Looks great!

  2. My mom never checked my bags when I was a kid, not even my school bag. She must've trusted me a lot :)
    But I do dare to say, there are times when I do put in "prohibited" items, but it's only once a while.

  3. Have a good break. The cookies looks good.

  4. Yup, time to let go as the kids grow up. The cookies look good and I don't mind you throwing some my way too Haha.

  5. the cookies look so awesome! you son sure love it! (:

  6. the cookies look yummy Edith! Enjoy your break ya :)

  7. Chocolate chips and so much of them in your can I resist?

  8. Piggy, bingo!

    Yes cookies are from Baking From My Home to Yours? Unique taste as it is salty yet sweet.

    wendyywy @ Table for 2, mine too but somehow these days kids are very different from our time.

    Yummy Bakes, thanks.

    Jo, can you see me throwing some over? hahaha

    The Sweetylicious, oh yes my son did love them. He self help to pack some for the trip before I had a chance.

    Alice, THanks. I am looking forward. Sounds mean right?

    tigerfish, I actually increase the chips a little. hehehe


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