Monday, June 13, 2011

Another kitchen experiment

These days, my girl and I lunch out twice a week for she has tuition right after school.

Months ago, we found a new (at least to me) Japanese restaurant in one of the shopping mall near my girl's tuition place. We both had ramen. One of the side order that came was this very interesting hard boiled egg. I can't recall what they called it but somehow, I found a forum member sharing this recipe.

I immediately KIV it for I know I will want to attempt it. I am not fan of hard boiled egg. I find the hard boiled egg yolk hard to swallow, it has this cakey powdery feel thus I always asked for half boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs.

Anyway, Ajitma (糖心蛋) as I found out, is a hard boiled egg with soft egg yolk. I really like it very much.

So when I saw cute small eggs available in the supermarket, I knew this will be perfect as our finger food. I bought two dozens.

Unfortunately because the eggs are smaller, I think my timing to cook the egg was also off from the instruction.

I didn’t get the orangey egg yolk but it was that far off either. I am sure if I fine tuned it a little, I will get it right.

Thanks for sharing, for now you have changed my perspective of a hard boiled egg.

Please refer to for full recipe.

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  1. I love this type of eggs very much too...:D)! Love them especially in noodles soups :)!

  2. Ooh! I love this kind of eggs too! I always enjoy eating them in Jap noodles! Will you be sharing how to make them? I thought yours looked good too!

  3. I just saw the recipe from a cookbook recently and have yet to make it. Looks lovely must try it out soon :)

  4. Hi Edith, I've always loved eggs, hard boiled, soft, over easy, sunny sde up, as long as eggs. Love when friend with lup cheong.
    Can see you have a black belt in cooking....
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  5. Cooking Gallery, i totally agree with you.

    Passionate About Baking, recipe posted. Need to adjust cooking time with different egg size.

    Anncoo, try it. It is nice.

    Uncle Lee, how have you been? Fried egg with lup cheong....thanks will try it soon.

  6. Thanks very much Edith! Appreciate your effort to post it up! :)

  7. Hi Edith! thanks for posting this up again. i just love runny egg yolks, i.e. soft-boiled eggs and i'm sure this goes great with ramen too.

  8. my friend sent me one recipe long time ago (haven't tried his recipe yet)... using rice cooker...

    if you want to try this, you can write to me...


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  10. These eggs are so perfectly cooked. Nice to know these tips!


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