Friday, May 13, 2011

An invitation

When I found out that I was invited to a cooking workshop. First thing I did was to call hubby to see whether he can baby sit as I am always not comfortable leaving the kids home alone with the helper.

Once I worked out the schedule with him, I quickly responded with a yes to the organiser.

It was a small group and what caught me by surprise was that it is a hand on session instead of a demo. That really excites me as this is my VERY FIRST hands on cooking workshop.

This workshop is sponsored by FairPrice Finest who wanted to create more awareness of the produce that they carried in their stores.

On the menu, we had King Crab and Asparagus Salad and Seared Mahi-mahi with Hollandaise and Sundried Tomato Coulis.


To be honest, if I had not attended this workshop, I don't think I will ever know how easy this can be done.

Chef Ming, who is self taught and owns JAM, is a friendly guy. His instructions are clear and concise and he even throws in a few pointers for us.


We started the session by preparing the asparagus and pumpkin. After sending it into the oven, we went on to make the tomato coulis.

After that, we prepared the Hollandaise Sauce. I always thought that this is hard to achieve but once again, I was proven wrong.

The dressing for the salad was also easy and it was done up in no time. I added more lemon juice as I wanted it to be more citrus.

Next came the fish, I have never known what is Mahi mahi. To me, it sounded so alien. According to Chef Ming, this fish is quite similar to Threadfin and Batang Fish. In fact, the texture of this fish is more towards Batang.

For me, I didn’t quite like it as I find it fishy. When I attempt this the next round, I think I will just buy Batang instead.

Fairprice Finest was very generous. They offered two big claws each to us for this salad. All these while, my initial thought about frozen seafood, it must be bland. Thus never really dare to venture into it. After all, seafood in Singapore has one of the best qualities in the region.

Then again, Alaska King Crab can never be found in this area, can it?

The crab claws, because of its size, it is also very easy to remove its meat.
Local crabs are extremely time-consuming when removing its flesh. The texture and sweetness of this frozen crab claw surprised me. It was sweet and firm. At a promotion price of S$5.90/100g (retail at S$7.90/100g) and able to serve a family of 5, seriously I think it is a good buy.

Soon it was time to assemble our creation and then we had a sit down dinner, tasting our labour of love.


The Salad was really good. Everyone likes it so much.


The Hollandise Sauce went very well with the Mahi Mahi. It masks the fishy smell well. In fact, I enjoyed the sauce so much that I forgotten the tomato coulis!

Besides savouring our sumptuous meal, we also had two bottles of red wine to pair with our dinner. My mindset of pairing Red Wine with red meat changed after that night.

For this promotion, we had Rongopai Pinot Noir (retail at S$32, promo price S$21.80) and Chateau Le Gay Pomerol 2006 (retail at S$185, promo price S$160).

The first tasting was a bottle of Pinot Noir, everyone fell in love with it. It went extremely well with our main course.

Despite the price difference in the two bottles, all of us gives a thumbs up for Pinot Noir.

Overall, it was a very good session. We all had fun and make some new friends.

Besides having a great meal, I was delighted to receive a goody bag of a bottle of Rongopai Pinot Noir and a pack of crab claws.

It was definitely a very generous token.

Thanks for having us FairPrice Finest. Their stores can be located here.

Note: These promotion valid till 25 May 2011.
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  1. wow~~~ What a spread!!! Too bad i give this a missed as I cannot find any1 to babysit my boy.... :( But reading your post is a good as present at that class. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW! im sure you've enjoyed and is a spread of mouthwatering food! (:

  3. Definitely a good event to attend...both dishes looks great.,

  4. That must have been a very fun experience for u, Edith :)
    The food all look nice and yummy!
    I never have a hands on workshop / course for cooking and baking either hehe....


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