Sunday, May 01, 2011

Felt cheated.

I always been curious how blood orange taste or even look like. Thus when I went for my breakfast meet with PN and saw it in Cold Storage last Monday, I just couldn't resist even though it is way much more expensive than the normal oranges that we usually eat.

Lugged it home and didn't know how else to work with it until I saw Kokken's creation of making it into jelly.

So I decided to make them into jellies to make it more fun and with this heat going on, I am sure this will be a welcome.

The first cut on the blood orange yield reddish pulp, I was pretty excited to see this for it looks so pretty. Then follow by the next, I was into shock for it looks so like any other oranges! I felt cheated and went to cut the rest of the oranges up. They all looked the same!! No more blood orange look! I was so pissed.


As I went about to juice them, at least the colour is slightly more reddish than the normal. This somehow consoles me a little.


The taste is rather sweet with no acidic feel to it and I am glad that I actually decided to choose this recipe as my kids are not really into citrus dessert. Even oranges, they only like those that are sweet and will have no problem walloping two oranges at one go for each child.


I didn’t strain the juice and thus my jelly wasn’t clear like as reflected in the book but I have no complain for it is so nice.


Now at least I had tried Blood Oranges, and now let's hope to get my hand on Myer Lemon. :)

What you need:

300g blood orange juice
1/2 cup water
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp gelatine
1 tsp lemon juice


Juice the blood orange with a hand held juicer (approx 5 oranges). Strain the juice. Set aside.

Mix gelatine with sugar (this will prevent lumps). Boil the water adn put int he gelatine and sugar mixture. Cook till gelatine dissolves.

Pour the blood orange juice and lemon juice into the gelatine mixture and still well.

Pour into a silicone mould or any jelly tray. Chilled until set.

Serve cold.
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