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Orange Almond Butter Cake

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When the government announced that the polling day will be on 7 May, we were delighted. That is to say that my brother in law will be able to join us as he works on shift work.

This year, we couldn't go to any nice restaurant as my dad is now highly allergic to many food items. A slightest carelessness will result in swelling again. We couldn’t take the chance of any chemical added to the dishes.

Dad used to love food and now has to refrain from being "greedy". It really saddens me to see this for at his age, he should be enjoying many indulgences and as much as possible.

Since there isn’t much choices on dinning places that we can go to, my sisters decided to order pizza and just have it in the house. After all, it is polling day and we are really keen to know the results. Though by now, we know that PAP will win but we were eager to find out whether the Opposition Parties will get enough votes to go into Parliament to represent our voices.

Besides pizza, my helper also prepared Pulut Udang, an Indonesian snack. We did two varieties, one with sambal shrimps and the other with fish for my dad.

As usual, it becomes my responsibility to bake a cake. Perhaps next year, I should take a breather and just buy one. It has been very taxing churning three cakes in a go at a very short time frame on top of my work schedules and home commitment.

Last minute, my youngest sister asked for a prank cake. Since it is Polling Day and my dad’s emotion had been running high. I didn’t know which party was in his zone and after a search, I found out it was The Reform Party.

Talking about this GRC, I am actually getting so confused. I am sure I am not the only one. I found out that Hougang not exactly belongs to the Worker’s Party. In fact, this year, a small town like Hougang is divided into 6 GRCs.

Crazy it might sound but I guess this is what they call the politic dirt.

I chose an Orange Almond Cake for the prank cake. Unfortunately due to time constraint, I couldn’t do a good job. Then again, it is meant as a prank so no sweat loss.

Pardon this mess as I wanted to show the texture but only left with one slice.

The actual birthday cake is a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Initially I wanted to create a theme cake for my dad but seriously it is tough for I already done a Camera theme last year and my dad does not have any hobbies beside that. So in the end, I came up with this.

Childish isn’t it? The lettering 70 also didn’t show well as my only NUMBER cutters are like this. 7 looks like 1. I wasn't pleased at all with the outcome but I just had too many things on one plate to do a good one. Haiz… then again... no excuses.

No picture as it was sliced so quickly.

I didn’t stay up all the way to watch the Election Result for I was dead tired by the time I reached home and I had to wake up very early for another order the next day.

Let's hope our future will be a better tomorrow.

Modified from Source: Okashi

Orange Almond Butter Cake

70g candied orange (I made my own)
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
85g ground almonds
90g icing sugar
25g cake flour sifted
35g butter, melted


Preheat oven and greased a 7" pan.

Beat egg and egg yolks.

Combine ground almonds and icing sguar and stir together.

Add 1/3 egg mixture into almond mixture to form a paste. Beat till incorporate.

Beat in remaining egg mixture till light and fluffy. Do not over beat.

Add flour and candied orange to almond mixture and fold in well.

Add melted butter and fold thoroughly.

Pour batter into pan and bake for 30 - 40 mins.
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