Friday, May 06, 2011

Cooling off period

After a week of heated and exciting election campaign, today is declared as a cooling off day. To be honest, I wonder why? Perhaps that the people will calm down and change their perspective?

I am not saying that the government is not doing a good job. Don't get me wrong. What Singapore is today, we thank them for the effort. Of course, when we compare ourselves with Third World countries, we are so superior in every aspect but we should compare ourselves to the First World countries, don't we? It is how we can move forward, right?

This year’s election, the reaction actually surprised me. For the past elections, Singaporeans were basically very gentle and submissive. In fact, they were contended with their lives even though you can hear tetchy comments along the way but generally they took it their stride and make the best out of it.

This year, I think The People is finally getting out of their comfort zone and realised that this democratic society was fast becoming like an autocratic one.

I was so intrigue by my son's interest in this year election. Is he is older now or it is partly because everyone is talking about it? I seriously don't know.

How can we teach our next generation about accountability when our leaders are not showing it? Especially when cases like Mas Selamat’s disappearance, during those days, even my baby girl knew what it is all about.

In other countries, this person would have already resigned to show responsibility. Here, we are not taking about bank robbery, we are talking about the severity of this mistake, a world’s threat.

Treating The People like ATM machines with no limit. Though we are an affluence country, all money is all hard earned.

Public housing was supposedly to help ALL Singaporeans to have a roof over their heads, isn’t it? I was lucky that I married at the right moment where public housing was affordable and quick. I was able to tie the knots and moved into my martial home straight away but I guess we can’t speak for our next generation. They need to plan their “future”, way before they can start dating. 30 years of housing loan is no kids’ play, it definitely needs proper planning and fund management.

For us, we were able to still have time to save for our retirement. What about my kids?

Already the school system is horrendously difficult, will our kids emerged with a qualification that enable them to find a decent job that can support a house and a family? I constantly have to refrain myself from being a great worrier but as a mother, I simply can’t help it.

I was told that taxes are not only applied to just your salary, even transport and phone allowances given by the company are all taxable? What is the logic?

The company provided such allowances to help to ease the burden of the employee’s. Thus instead of helping, OUR GOVERNMENT puts more pressure on the PEOPLE by taxing them. Not forgetting that, every bill we received, a 7% GST is already imposed. Perhaps that is why they can give themselves a fat bonus.

When I heard “….. educated you, prepared you, given you every help to do well…..” and reconfirmed myself with the Strait Times today. I was thinking what help?

It is we, the parents who PAID all those tuition fees in order for our kids to do well so that they will not ostracized by the system. Now you know why tuition centres are earning big bucks and more and more are setting up?

I put my girl into tuitions not because I wanted a A student but rather can’t bear to see her “lost” in her learning world.

Now, after viewing all those pictures from the rallies, I really hope that Singaporeans will put some voices in.

I believe we, Singaporeans is thankful for what it is today but I also think that it needs to strike a balance.

Enough of my grievances, it is time for me to made something sweet to ease off the sore wound. Hopefully after this weekend, our kids’ future will change.

Finally I spotted some purple sweet potatoes at the market. This is really a rare find, I couldn’t get this in a supermarket at all.


I bought the wrong sago, next round, I will get the smaller ones as it is easier to cook. I ended only half the portion as the rest was stuck in the pot.

Besides difficulties cooking the big ball sago, the rest of it was pretty easy to assemble.

So let’s join me and dig into this Baked Sago with Purple Sweet Potato dessert.


Source: Pudding, cake, sweet soup by Winnie

What you need:

180g purple sweet potatoes, sliced thinly
1/2 cup sago pearls (use the small ones to ease cooking time)
2 tbsp custard powder
2 tbsp corn flour
150ml water
1/3 cup sugar
100ml evaporated milk
100ml water
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter


Steam sweet potatoes till it is soft. Mashed and set aside.

Boil water, and put in the sago and cook for 10 mins. Turn off heat and simmer in the pot with lid covered for another 10 mins. Rinse in cold water and drain.

Mix custard powder and corn flour with 150ml water.

Mix the other 100ml water and sugar and boil till sugar dissolved. Add in evaporated milk, sago and butter and bring to boil. Turn off the heat.

Stir in the mashed sweet potatoes and custard solution. Leave to cool.

Whisk in two eggs and stir well.

Pour mixture into 5 ramkins and bake for 20 mins at 190 degree.

Serve hot (I chilled it)
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  1. You have said it well. I also respect the PAP team for bringing us from 3rd world to 1st world. So much so that I'm so proud to call myself a Singapore Citizen! However, I think the current political system needs a change. I'm hoping Singaporeans can open their mind more, and see for themselves. We have to prove that we will not need to repent after 5 years!

  2. I remember the first time I did my voting was when I just qualified, 21yrs old. The mentalilty I had in the past and now is totally different. After being away from Spore for more then a decade & returning to again do my voting. It allappears so so different now. I am actually glad that Sporeans are much more open minded now and yearning for a change for the better. You have pointed out some really good points & concerns Edith, I do wish sones changes can be seen there. Btw, interesting desert! Love the color! 

  3. PAB, I think that is what the opp parties are all trying to achieve. A represented voice for the people.

    HBS, This is my second time voting. First time, I also mental shutdown but this time round, seeing my kids' future at stake, I really feel I needed to do something.

    It took me a long time to find Purple Sweet potatoes. The market around my area don't carries them.

    Thanks YB.

  4. edith i agree with you too. let's spread the word to our older folks who are not exposed to alternative media so that they will vote wisely. i love the beautiful purple!

  5. Edith, I had a mental debate while reading through your post. I know, many Malaysians are VERY convinced that our own government is HORRENDOUS, that Singapore's is FAR better. You can see by the influx of Malaysians migrating in search of jobs and to settle there every year?

    I admit I'm living in a country that isn't like a piece of FAT land where people would dream and die to go to. In my honest opinion, though, living in Singapore incurs upon one lots of financial burdens. Like what you've covered, shelter, one of the primary needs of a human. Singapore is definitely a nice place to live in, with its low crime rate and whatnot, but I wouldn't wanna torture myself financially and psychologically and physically with all these. It'll be a tough life.

    Seriously, there should always have one or more opposing voices! When I was in America, people debate about almost everything there, and I was lucky to be able to witness the 2008 election, in which Obama won. And you're right, Singapore is good and affluent, but it's far from true democracy. Malaysia is no exception, either. *Sigh*

    Oh, yea. I think your son's getting old enough to think and see for himself. Still, the media is here to do just that -- to set the agenda AND to sway people's opinion. Haha! I studied about that as a media student back then. I wasn't surprised. After this, no more election stories ... *LOL* The so-called people's watchdog is actually, oftentimes, the tools for propaganda by those in power. *Sigh* Capitalists, communists are the same. I doubt we can find egalitarians now. Haha!

    I think PAP will win. I don't need to guess. *LOL*

    Sorry if I sound rude, I'm trying to speak with honesty. I like to debate, well, sometimes. I'm a quiet person usually. *LOL*

  6. Jean, I guess the other folks won’t feel the impact as much as the younger generation.

    Pei Lin, at your end, I am sure there is a lot of restriction in a Muslim country as it is very much driven by the religion. Thus, I can’t really comment. Being Chinese and as a minority, I can understand your position. Thus to you, we Singaporean might appeared to be spoilt and taking the goodness for granted.
    I am glad that you see the point that our basic needs are now becoming a burden. I understand the global shortage but with ministers giving themselves a fat bonus during this period whereby help is needed for the not so fortunate, this angers me.
    We do appreciate the safe environment that the govt provided but yet some have to worry about laying food on the table.
    We don’t think the PAP will lose for they have a good foundation of many years of governance but I think most important, the people just wanted the top to hear what the bottom had to say and the bottom thus will be represented by the Opposition Party.

    You are not rude, it is a healthy argument. For some, we are might appear to be ungrateful but if you see how our kids struggle and losing their childhood, it frightens you to think about their future. It is not about getting hard knocks, it is about what children these days turned out to be. Can be pretty scary if the wrong values are impart.


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