Monday, May 09, 2011

A brand new chapter

The verdict is out and our opposition won 6 seats in the parliament. Unfortunately, this is such a small number that I doubt our voices can be heard. Then again, at least it is better than two in the past. One of my family, had watched a video on how the majority jabbed at the minority during parliament meeting. It is pathetic how they are being bullied. I seriously hope after this election, the mindset and behaviour of our ministers will change.

Ironically, I am happy that at least there are 6 seats but then again, I am also sad that in the process we lost a good Foreign Trade Minister, another long serving Opposition MP and gain one bimbo as a minister who we needed to give her THREE years to grow. It just doesn’t make sense. Life has never been fair, right?

Looking at the margin the opposition parties lost their seat, I hope our government is waking up to the desperate call of the nation and seriously take a look at their past implementation and make better changes to it.

My mom told me that despite her having the senior citizen concession on transportation, it is merely applicable if you take it after 9am! Take for instance, her doctor appointment for this morning is at 9am. Obviously she has to leave the house early as the journey takes an hour and there goes her concession. For my parents, they can afford but what about the other not so fortunate?

The point is if you decide to give such benefit, do it all the way!

I seriously hope that the government will no longer take us for granted.

Today is a rest day for the school going children. Now that they are resting and playing but rather a day for us parents to give a final coaching to them.

They had been good kids and had been studying diligently. I really pray that they will do well. In fact, I wish the school education will change and not stress these poor kids out so much!!!

I brought some tapioca over the weekend as I know my hubby loves anything with coconut. So here is my attempt to this Tapioca Tart.


I tried a piece myself and I still have problem swallowing the grated coconut. My helper said it will be better if it is hand grated. I will try her method when I spot some fresh coconut in the market next round. I hope she is right so that I can get to enjoy more such kueh.


I used my pineapple tart mould to do this as I don't have any bigger tart mould. Don't they look like pineapple tart?

Let's hope this can cheer him up a little after all he met with a minor accident this morning and his car is now in the workshop.

Source: Agnes Chang, Delightful snacks and Dim Sum

What you need:

600g white tapioca
80g castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt
90ml thick coconut milk


100g gula melaka, chopped
4 tbsp water
3 pcs pandan leaves, knotted

1/2 grated coconut, I used ready bought
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp corn flour


For the filling, place gula melaka, water and pandan leaves in a pot and cook till the sugar melted. Add in grated coconut, salt and corn flour. Cook till dry. Leave to cool and form a ball.

Peel, wash and cut tapioca into chunks and steam on high heat for 45 mins or until soft. Mashed the tapioca and add in the sugar and salt. Mashed till you for a soft dough, add in coconut milk and knead till you get a smooth paste.

Roll the dough into 1 cm thick and with a tart cutter, cut into tartlet. Top with the filling and serve.
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  1. Couldn't agree more with what you said Edith. :) But I guess we just have to let reality slowly sink in that we're suck with this parliament for the next 5 years. :P
    Oh yes, I thought you were making pineapple tarts in the middle of the year! Are this also call "Kueh Du Du"? or something? Looks yummy!

  2. Yes HBS, we are now stuck with a bimbo for the next 5 years and paying S$15K/mth to groom her. Imagine S$15K X 3 years. I think this money is better spent elsewhere.

    I don't know what is Kueh Du Du but I love Tu Tu with peanut fillings. Hope to try making my own some day. :)

  3. Yes, I totally agree with you on this bimbo that all Singaporeans must support! Worse is, we'll see her buy more Kate Spade where many elderly have to hunt for food!

    The tart looks very nice and good. I thought it looks like pineapple tarts too! I think my hubby will like this kind of kueh. Unfortunately, I don't like to make kuehs, even though I like to eat them once a while.

  4. You mentioned that you seriously hope that the government will no longer take us for granted. However, have Singaporeans reflected and asked if we have taken the government for granted? There should be a limit to how the poor should be helped. Take a look at the US. They have very good unemployment benefits and social securities. What is happening to them? What kind of signal will be sent when the poor has unlimited benefits? The younger generation will think it is okay not to work hard because the government is going to take care of me. Poor kids are stressed because of exams? How are they going to face bigger challenges in life? Do they really belong to the 'strawberry generation' that can't take hard knocks?

  5. Hi Edith,

    I totally agreed with what you have writtten...Our government sometimes liked to help ppl only half way.I think the MBT's not doing a good job in providing our made & bred singaporean a affordable housing here...He shd be the one to be out with the Miss Kate Spade...Kate Spade's muz be laughing her way thru singing money come money come...Mayb chanel & LV,Gucci too along the way hahaha...Lastly we enjoyed some recipes u have shared with us...Keep up the gd work babe...

    Angie(mother of 2)

  6. HI Edith

    I totally agree with what u have written.$15k a month is alot for almost everyone.To have to spend that to groom someone like her does not do justice to those who really need assistance in singapore.Many very poor only survive on bread & water...Our government has been ignoring our needs in so many ways....And Kate spade's laughing her way singing money come money come & mayb Chanel,Gucci & LV will sing the same tune too...They better wakeup to our calls now,winning such an unvictory win.George Yeo's sacrificed & keeping TPL & MBT to continue raising our housing prices is so unwise....
    Lastly,my gal & I would liked to thank you for your recipes shared...Keep up the gd work!!!

    Angie(mother of 2)

  7. Hi Edith,
    Just want to share with you that a group of mummies are petitioning for changes to our education system @ You might want to pop over for a look...

    Also want to let u know that I've been a silent reader of yr blog for q.some time & have enjoyed reading yr posts ... I could also Identify with child rearing issues as I also have them...Thanks & Cheers! RRMum

  8. Passionate About Baking, that is why I am angry too. She is totally not fit to be a MP.

    I like kueh kueh but minus the coconut hahaha.

    Anonymous, first of all. I am not sure whether you are a Singaporean or not.

    I am sure many Singaporeans out there felt blessed and thankful of what our govt had done for us.

    But have you noticed that our govt is one of the highest paid in the world and give themselves 8 months increment whereby each fund raising is funded by the NATION’s kind donation?

    Have you noticed that PUBLIC housing has become so AFFORDABLE that you will be the SLAVE to the bank till you are near retirement? Have you noticed that a huge bunk of the pay check will go to financing this? That dual income is necessary to support a family? And especially with children, the huge tuition bill incurred?

    I have mentioned in several of my blog posts on certain issues that I was unhappy about. If you are a Singaporean, you will know where I am coming from and I don’t think I am taking my country for granted. It was a fair request.

    If you have children, perhaps yours are GIFTED but unfortunately many of ours are not! They are robbed of their childhood. As a mother I felt that heart pain.

    At the young age of 8, they are streamed from the best to the lousiest. Have you consider their self esteem? Without self confidence, I am sure whatever hard knocks, they also won’t be able to withstand.

    So with so much emphasis of ABC and 123, our nation has become to be more self fish, self centred and materialistic. Where are the graciousness, humility, integrity etc?

    You are right about the 'strawberry generation' for we are breeding the exact group right now who cannot get the hard knocks by not getting the most As, who constantly compare who has the latest gadgets, who has the most holidays and branded material products.

    Check out the most famous tuition centres and you will be able to witness this. Why? Because our society created this!

    I believe in many countries that offer concession fare to elderly, do they imposed a time limit? Do you know how many levels of taxes Singaporean has to pay?

    I understand your stance in helping the poor with unlimited benefits and the consequences to it but that is not what Singaporeans are asking for. Do you understand the stringent process the poor go through before they are given aid? Our system definitely is a fair one but have they given enough for these people to meet the day to day expenses?

    Do you know that if you are chronically ill, your entire savings get wiped off?

    The gap between the rich and the poor is growing apart rapidly. If these are not in check, many social problems will arise. Why Singaporeans are voting for opposition is because they wanted a represented voice for they are the people on the ground who are experiencing all these.

    Angie, thanks.

    RRMum, already visited and signed. Thanks for letting me know.

  9. Edith, although I am not a Sporean I agree with you. However things don't change overnight (in this case 5 years) but look at the results. It's an improvement from 2006. A GF of mine said that if she was given $15k a month, she will walk the block as many times as the residents want her to. Guess part of the $15k went to her "Kate Spade" handbag .. haha.

  10. Edith, you are very creative. Your tapioca tart looks really yummy! I bet is must as good as pineapple tart :D

  11. Haven't had these patioca tarts for the longest time. Looks delicious.

  12. Haven't had these patioca tarts for the longest time. Looks delicious.


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