Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smell so good

My first encounter with passion fruit was on my honeymoon at Club Med 19 years ago. Though this fruit is so fragrant but I didn't really know how to enjoy it as it has so many seeds to it. Just like pomegranates.

Thus I never really explore passion fruit till I saw so many bloggers using it on their bakes. Thus curiosity once again aroused especially when I saw W using it to make jam.

I got a kilo at S$5.00 for approx 14 fruits. What I understand is that it is better to get the fruit crinkle up as it will show that it is ripe. For me, ripe equate to sweet.

My passion fruit indeed crinkled up but I didn't have the time to make the jam as I was just too busy with Cupcake Fantasies. Dumped the whole batch into the fridge for a week past and finally now I had the time to do it.

I was busy chatting with my son and helper and wasn't really focusing on the cutting. When I missed the cutting, I knew it was too late, for I already feel the knife slashing down onto my finger.

I knew this time was bad; it is not the usual small slice effect. It went down hard. It took me a long time to stop the blood from flowing. One of my weakness is seeing blood, my feet tends to go soft. So can you guess how I manage that right?

I was holding down hard on my wound at least for a good 20 mins before the blood clot up.

My helper finished up my work and with one hand, I went about to complete the jam.

I made two varieties. Passion fruit Jam was from Scrumpticious Flavours. I halved the portion as a precaution as I didn’t know whether we will like it. After testing, I find it too sour for my kids to enjoy it.


This one is really needs some acquired taste. I like it because it is not sweet, now I wonder how to reduce the sourness.

I quickly went on to check Happy Home Baker's as I remembered she mentioned that her kids love her Banana Passionfruit Jam.

So here is mine, with blood and sweat. hahaha...a


For this one, it is yummy but I wish I can reduce the sugar more. Other than that, I think it will be a hot favourite.

Passionfruit Jam

What you need:

600g Passion Fruit Puree
150g Maltose
150g Sugar
Juice from 1/2 Lemon


Boil the Puree and lemon juice at medium fire.

Once boil turn to low fire and add in the maltose, stir till the maltose dissolve.

Then add in the sugar stir constantly all the time. When it start to boil and bubble form, scoop away the bubbles.

Keep boiling at low fire till the mixture become thickens.

The mixture will be a little runny when hot but will set after it cool off.

Pour the hot jam into sterilised jars. Secure tight leave cool then keep in the fridge.

Notes: need to use a wooden spoon to stir.


Passionfruit Banana Jam

What you need:
yields about 300ml of jam

250g riped bananas (without skin), finely mashed
50g passion fruit pulp (pulps from about 2 fruits)
230g granulated sugar*


Place finely mashed bananas, passion fruit pulp and sugar in a pot or a large saucepan. Mix well.

On medium heat, stirring constantly with a heat-proof spatula or a wooden spoon, bring the mixture to a full rolling boil (where the bubbles do not stop or lessen when you stir it). Once the mixture starts to boil, skim away any excessive foams or bubbles, stirring constantly all the time.

Keep at a rolling boil for another 2 ~ 3 mins, stirring constantly till the mixture thickens, becomes clearer and transparent (no more foams).

Remove from heat. The jam will be a little runny when hot but the consistency will be just right after it has cool off.

Ladle hot jam into hot sterilised jars leaving a gap of about 1~2cm from the top. (Since I do not have an appropriate ladle or funnel, I poured the jam into my measuring cup before filling the jars. The sprout on the cup helps easy and clean filling.) Secure lids. Let cool. Unopened jam will keep up to 3 months if stored in fridge or in a cool, dark cupboard. Once opened, store in fridge and best consumed within a week**.

source: adapted from HHB (who adapted it from 鲜美果酱轻松做! by Romi Igarashi


*Do not reduce the sugar, as the amount is required to preserve the jam.

**According to the original recipe book, once opened, store the jam in fridge and best consumed withint 1 week. I didn't have any problem with my homemade jam after 3~4 weeks. However, for safe eating practices, do examine the jam frequently for signs of spoilage.
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  1. I love the sweet fruity fragrance of passion fruit. So far, I have only used it to make a curd for a tart recipe...

  2. HI Edith

    hope your finger is okay now! from the way u described, it sure sounds painful!the kitchen is a dangerous place indeed....

  3. Shirley, next time I will turned it into curd. I am sure it will be very fragrant.

    Octopusmum, it was. But I am glad that my skin heals fast and after one night of pain, it is beginning to feel alot better.

  4. Shirley, next time I will turned it into curd. I am sure it will be very fragrant.

    Octopusmum, it was. But I am glad that my skin heals fast and after one night of pain, it is beginning to feel alot better.


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