Thursday, April 14, 2011

Itch Itch Itch.... arrgh!

For the last four years, I had this itch that simply just won't go away. Despite numerous medical consultations including both Western, Chinese and even homeopathy, none can actually cure me.

Western doctor's prescription is only with antihistamine. For Chinese, I had gone through so many prescriptions that I can literally boil the herbs with my eyes closed.

I seriously don't know what is wrong. I know it is not allergy to anything for I had already observed and even for dust allergy, the form of itch is totally different. As I used to have hives since I was a child, I was so “expert” that I know how to differentiate it. Strangely my hive problem went away when I stopped work. So thus I know it is very much related to stress.

This problem of mine thus has nothing to do with allergy. When it goes away, there is no trace on the skin at all. The itch somehow travels. It can hit me in my limbs, itch for a good 20 mins and then it will stop and after sometime, another patch will appear in other parts of my body.

Sometime I just learnt to ignore it but there are days it simply won't go away. Especially when it attacks me on my back, gosh ….. I can moan in agony. Only then where my self control lost the battle, antihistamines is the only remedy to relieve it and that will curb it for 2 - 3 days.

I hate to take this for it will make me drowsy for two days.

I have an aunt, who also experience this health issue and she too lives on antihistamine. Another aunt of mine, who has friend, she too has this and also on this tiny pill.

To be honest, do I really have to live on this for the rest of my life?

Does anyone know of a remedy to this? Or know of someone who is cured? Buzz me if you do, for I am game to try anything!

To distract myself, I baked an interesting cheese cake. The method is totally different from the usual cakes that I baked. It was so simple and easy that I actually had to read it several time so that I won't fail.


Not only it is easy but it also yields an awesome cake! I just love it as the texture is soft, moist and has this lovely crunch. Shiok.


Simply lovely to have a piece of Crunchy Cheese Cake for my tea. Join me.

Am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #6: Say Cheese! (April 2011).

Source: Baking Made Easy (Agnes Chang)

What you need:

250g butter
100g icing sugar
5 egg whites
135g castor sugar
5 egg yolks
200g self raising flour
35g corn flour
100g grated cheddar cheese

60g grated cheddar cheese


Cream butter and icing sugar till light.

Whisk egg white and castor till stiff peak. Add in egg yolks and beat well.

Mix in butter mixture and fold in flour and cheese.

Pour into a 8" round pan (greased and lined) and bake for 30 mins at 180 degrees.
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  1. I baked an almost similar cake like yours too last week. Yet to post. Btw I like your new header...nice!

  2. wow, your cheesecake looks very inviting! ;)

  3. I had been planning to bake this for quite awhile now but hadn't got down to baking it! yours looks so delicious and the texture divine!

  4. We, post so that we can make comparison.

    CaThY, it is and I love the crunch when it is fresh out of the oven. I hope by the time my kids are home, the crunch is still there.

    j3ss kitch3n, try it! This book was loaned from the library :(. I can imagine you have a huge collection of books now. hehehe

  5. Shall try this soon. The mixing method is interesting. Btw, the new look is great!

  6. the cheesecake looks moist and yummy! Regarding the itch patches on the skin, I know that my sister got it as well, when it starts, it looks like terrible sun burn, she has to shade from sun whenever she can, not sure wheather yours are the same as her. Eventually she quit her job too. Take care!

  7. Hi Edith,
    I can understand how you feel about the hives. I had them for about 5 years, so much so that I'm so used to it, I didn't even realise it has disappeared.

    Let me share my experience:
    I first went to a dermatologist and she did a blood test to make sure it's not anything serious. I think mine was an allergy (I reckon it's a certain brand of dark chocolate that caused it) and once it got so bad, I had to take steroids. I watch what I eat from then on, and maybe it's psychological but I feel a little itchy these days whenever I eat dark chocolate.

    According to my dermatologist, hives is very problematic because there can be many factors that caused it. Some may last for days, some last for decades. But as long as it does not signify any serious health problems, we still can lead a normal life. Mine gradually disappeared after 5 years without any medication, although I think it may be back anytime.

    Sorry I don't have any solutions to this because I am also very puzzled by hives. My mum had them too because of an allergy as well, but hers went away after a few days on antihistamine. I guess you and me are the unlucky ones who got plagued by chronic hives. Anyway, try not to let the itch distract you (I know it's hard!). Who knows, it might go away even without you realising it. =)

  8. Love everything in this cake, I bookmark this! Thanks for sharing! Btw, like the new look of your blog :)

  9. Edith, have you tried bathing with warm leman grass (serai)? Just boil a whole bunch and you can bath with it or dip a towel in it to wipe yourself.
    I find that it my rash or hive is caused by allergy (I can't contact sulphur at all), antihistamine's pretty much the most effective though.
    Hope your itch will disappear permanently.

  10. your cake looks really yummy! i have this skin allergy issue as well where i get itchy due to unknown reason. think i have to attribute it to stress bah =/

  11. Hey Edith

    I've lots of skin issues as well, and the only thing I can recommend is for you to go down to a dermatologist (if you can, especially when the itch comes) OR to take pictures of your itch if it's visible on your skin - it's quite expensive to see a derm, but so far, they've managed to help :) You can make an appointment at the Skin Centre - the derms there are pretty professional!

    Hope your itchy problem really gets solved soon! I know how it feels to live with an irritating 'illness' that comes and goes at the oddest times! :/

  12. Edith, this cake really looks good. Wanna book-mark and try out soon. Thanks for sharing

  13. Edith, this is so awesome! You know what, if I could have all the edges on a cheesecake, I would take them all! This recipe sounds fabulous! Ooooh, I love the topping too!

  14. Edith, If I were to have all the edges of the cheesecake, I would totally take them all! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Definitely looks like it is worth the try (and I'm on a diet). I love the topping too! You are fabulous!

  15. Hi Edith,

    Perhaps you can try to be vegetarian for sometime and see if your itch problem dissapears. sometimes it is due to food, however, it is rather difficult to narrow down to which food it is due to. Could be chicken, seafood, detergent which you use for washing your clothes, your soap or shampoo,or anything.

    have you gone for a blood test to detect this problem?


  16. Thanks Rei. Yes the mixing method is new to me. I had my doubt initially but it was for nothing coz the result was splendid.

    Ah Tze, try it coz it is really nice.

    For me, I don't get any patches once the itch subside. Thank God I am not allergy to the sun for I spent a good deal of time under it. I hope your sister is okay now.

    Spear, thanks for sharin your experiment. Gosh you put up with it for 5 years! I am close to your record now and hopefully after that I will be healed.

    Luckily I am not allergy to chocolate which is my other love.

    Actually mine is not hive. It is not the same symptom as hive which attacked me during my younger days. Thus it is still a mystery.

    Thanks DG! Wanted more for my blog new look but with limited knowledge, this is the best I could do. LOLz.

    Mave, I have not. May I know how much serai i need and how much water ratio to serai. HOw long to boil?

  17. I have hives too since young. It can get very embarrassing when sometimes the itch goes to the became so red and swollen that I looked like Miss Piggy, really! It only went away just before I got married...I attribute to this skin specialist I saw (at Peace Centre). But, it came back 2 years ago. I lived on antihistamines too...and since it makes you so drowsy, I only dare to take it at night, just before bed time. I slowly cut down on the medicine, and it went away after nine months of suffering. My younger child got it last year, it was an acute thing for him...I took him to the same specialist and he recovered in 2 days. Don't ask me why I didnt visit the specialist when it came back...I simply thought that the clinic must have gone by now. I only learned that the same dr was still around much later.

    From my experience, the itch will start at places when the skin around that area has got places like near your waist because of the pants/shorts, and places like your thighs (the part you sit on), etc. Just avoid scratching it when it starts to feel itchy. Do things to get distracted. I won't bother myself with trying out all those remedies...because it has got something to do with the blood...those remedies will only help to soothe the condition. So, the best is, when it starts to attack, try not to let your skin has any friction with other surface, wear loose cloths, stay cool. I will usually tell my children "I am itchy, I am itchy", but I wont touch the affected area, haha! Sorry for the long comment, I can't help but to share with you since I am also suffering from hives.

  18. just to add on, another term for hives is urticaria, mine is the same as yours...not because of any allergy, and it won't leave patches once the itch went off. and the itch will travel from one place to another...can appear from anywhere...I got it on my eyelids too!

  19. I tried spirulina tablets and my rash was cured. It happened twice and I took spirulina both times and it's cured. (touch wood)

  20. Jean, hope yours is not serious.

    Janine, skin issues are really tough to tackle. If it pain, the mind still can control. As for itch, gosh..... it is the worst torture. I had tried seeing doc, all couldn't find an answer. All they do is give me antihistamine. You are so right at the oddest time.

    Yummy Bakes. You are welcome.

    Rylan, thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Sally, every Friday we practise no meat day. Only veggies and tofu and our meat intake is really very little. I had tried refraining from the food list but I am very sure it is not allergy or body product.

  21. Happy Homebaker, thanks for sharing your experience. At least now I know I am not the only one.
    For me, I know it is not food, body product or environment for I had tried all and I still itch. From cooler to cold countries, still no difference.

    As for hive, yes there was once my whole face was swollen! Another time, my breathing got cut off and I fainted. Scary isn't it but I am glad that those days are over but I am still wondering when this strange itch is going away.

    Anonymous, I will try to get hold of spirulina tablets this weekend. Any brand you recommend?

  22. Edith, I am so sorry you have the "itch" problem. I know feeling itchy can have a huge impact on the quality of your life and can disrupt your daily activities and even your sleep. Unfortunately, before the root cause can be determined for the itch, the remedies used is to take anti-histamine and applying topical cream that works for you. Since you said you don't get the itch when you are not stress so you might want to carefully manage your stress to avoid getting the itch. Have tried a a chinese herb called "Pak hawk leng tze"? When I got shingles and it was so itchy and painful, my mum pound these herbs and apply the liquid to the itchy area and I get the relief. I wish you are here in KL so that I can send you some. Do try to find out if any of your friends have this plant in their garden.

    I think to do something to distract your focus on the discomfort is a wise thing to do and best of all you come out with such a delicious looking cheese cake! Can I have two pieces with my coffee?

  23. Your cheesecake top is v pretty... Like the way you add the cheese on top to deco.

    I guess I can understand the frustration as I have eczema and seeing many diff docs and eating chinese med doesnt seem to help. It got worse when I have stress or certain time of the year. Well, I kinda give up hope on that and have to live with it... :(

  24. Hi Edith, I have a friend who develops hives as well whenever stressed. Good that you found out the cause but had to suffer going to so many doctors beforehand. BTW the cake looks delicious. Wish you could send some over as we are in need of a dessert after dinner. Haha.

  25. Hi Edith,

    I also have sensitive skin, especially when I eat too much sweet stuff, too much eggs also can trigger the prob

    Worse, the itch always leaves marks cos of scratching :(

    I use this product call La Cure (main ingredients dead sea salt) not only to cure but also as daily maintenance
    It's inexpensive and gives result

    You may check it out when u're free:

    Also, I always have aloevera gel all the time everywhere I go - best first aid kit and reduce itch significantly :)

    Btw, ur cake is so inviting :)

  26. Edith,

    This cheese cake recipe is so interesting, will give it a try.

    I had this itch about a decade ago and this few month starting to resurfacing again... If I don't take Zetec (non drowsy), I'll wake up by the bad itch in the middle of the night and my skin will be very warm. My doc told me it is Urticaria this could be due to stress (me & U) or due to food allergy which can be only determinate by going through blood test.

    So here we're in the same boat and need to learn how to deal with it with ease....

    I don't pop a whole tablet at one go if it is just on my body. Rather, I'll take only 1/2 a tablet at night and this will last me 2 days, Or I'll find myself too drowsy to drive around.


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