Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you eaten this?

I have never heard about buckwheat till years ago, an ex colleague of mine developed an illness. She has very swollen feet and needed buckwheat flour to form a paste and placed it on her feet. This apparently helps to draw out the water retention.

Thus when Tina's Kitchen mentioned in FB that she is making pancake out of it, I was really curious.

Buckwheat flour is not commonly available in our supermarket. You either have to go to a specialty store or an organic shop. I was lucky enough to find it in one of our leading supermarket. Though I am not into organic and wanted to find a cheaper alternative, I guess I have no choice.

Now I needed to find bananas for it. During my grocery hubby with hubby, we found a different variety of banana that we usually buy. This one looks similar from those that we ate in Chiang Mai.

If you had eaten banana in Chiang Mai, you will be blown away by the sweet, the chewiness of the banana in a good manner I have to say. We just loved it and had since been searching for this variety in Singapore.

Thus, we were delighted that when we saw something that looks like. Brought a bunch home and after trying it, we realised it is not the same. Waited for it to ripe further but still it didn't have that sweetness and chew to it.

My search will continue till I find THE banana that we loved so much and my pancake for breakfast goes on.

The texture of this pancake is a little different. I can’t pinpoint whether I love it or not but I am sure this is definitely a healthy choice. I have modified the recipe as I wanted the banana to be more intense and hubby wanted it to be a little salty.

Nevertheless, I am sure this is definitely a healthy choice of breakfast.

Thanks Tina for sharing. For the original recipe, head over to her blog.


My son who is a huge fan of cheeses, had been reminding me that there is a tray of portobello mushroom in the fridge. So to encourage him to be more hands on in the kitchen, I got him to cook this instead. Slowly I hope to influence him to be more pro active and not be hand waited by the helper to feed his tummy.


I really enjoyed seeing my kids getting so focus in the kitchen. See how neat those mushrooms look! and it is tasty as well. I wished I had gotten more trays instead.

Buckwheat Banana Pancake

What you need:

200g buckwheat flour
50g sugar
300mls milk
1 egg
3 banana mashed
1/4 tsp salt


Mash the banana in a bowl.

Add the buckwheat flour, milk and egg and sugar. Stir until well mixed and mixture is soft like cake batter.

Heat a little oil in a fry pan and when hot, drop big spoonfuls of the batter into the pan.

When bubbles appear on the surface, turn over and cook for about a minute, then dish out.
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  1. The Grilled Portobello look soooo delicious!!!! I love those golden brown cheese on top :) Thumb up for your boy :)

  2. Japanese soba are commonly made from buckwheat, very nutritious and yummy! :)

  3. The Zaru soba (cold noodles) that is served in Japanese restaurant is made of buck wheat. So I think most of us have already eaten that before knowing about the benefits ? :)

  4. Cuisine Paradise, now there is an offer on Portobello mushroom.

    MieVee @, now that you mentioned, I suddenly recalled that too. Must try to find a recipe on making my own soba if not don't know how to finish up the flour.

    Shirley @ Kokken69, haha actually i couldn't recall this that you gals mentioned it. I do love soba and my kids too.

  5. Hi Edith! looks like your boy has a talent for dabbling in the kitchen like his mommy! Nurture him well and he might well be on his way to become the next Pierre Herme or Joël Robuchon!


  6. Save for soba noodles I don't eat much made with buckwheat. Your offerings today sound wonderful. I remember the bananas in Chiang Mai as being small and sweet. They were about 3 to 4-inches long and just perfect for a small serving. I've never seen them since. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. I've had buckwheat noodles and pancakes. I especially like it in noodles as it gives a different texture to the normal japanese green noodles.

  8. So what was the verdict? Did they like it? The other thing you can try making besides the soba is cookies. I made them and got mixed reviews!

  9. travellingfoodies, I hope so but not expecting much though coz he is very lazy. Be a baker must be hardworking.

    Mary, me too and this is the first time I bought buckwheat. Though I do like a serving of soba on warm day.

    Yes, those Chiang Mai's bananas are really awesome don't they?

    Jo, do you like your buckwheat pancake?

    tina, the kids didn't like it. Hubby lukewarm response. I guess healthy stuff don't taste good. hahaha


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