Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giving me migraine

After a period of being a good boy, my son once again got into trouble in school, this time round for laughing during examination. Seriously I can't buy his story.

Then I found out that my daughter lost her school badge again. You won't believe that this could possible be the 11th badge she lost in 2.5 years.

I am so deflated now and it is giving me a migraine. I wonder which teaching style then they can understand what is call responsibility and discipline? For it seems that nothing got into their brains.

Whatever it is, I must be patient. arrgghhhh.... easy said than done right?

After a night rest and still nursing the headache, I popped a painkiller and went on to fulfil my duty as Parent Volunteer for son's school cross country event.

Unlike the sport day, this event is really easy. Basically we just sat there and wait for the boys to complete the race and then record their standing. The first 20 will get a medal.

I was very proud that my son was within the top 20. In fact, he improved on his timing from last year's and came in 6th!


Good job boy!

This week had been busy as I also volunteered to be the photographer for my daughter's school event. An Easter Play that was put up by my classmate. F is just so marvellous in organising such event.

A pity that my girl was seated too far to really enjoyed the show. Hopefully next year, she will get a chance to be seated closer.


Next on my list will be Life Skill for the primary 3s. I am sure the girls will enjoy baking muffins! After the Sport Day for the Sec 2, I will be able to spend more time on other areas.

Can’t wait for the June holiday, but first let’s tackle SA1. So mommies out there, have you started “studying”?
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  1. Edith, I wonder if I really should be home for my gals. Will this help in their character development?
    The 11 yr-old really needs guidance (esp. timing, etc). She slept the whole afternoon yesterday without starting to do any of her homework. Till we got home after 8pm, she started a little and soon fell asleep again.
    Woke up after 11pm and started throwing tantrum.
    And yes, what is so difficult about taking care of their own things??? I guess your gal wins mine for my gal's school badge is sewn on.
    Aside I don't even wanna recite what she had been loosing and how many school bags has she damaged since the beginning of this year.
    Part and parcel of life, not just parenthood, I guess.
    Jia you!


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