Friday, April 29, 2011

Crinkled and Ugly

Today, I baked a batch of pineapple tart for my classmate who is currently staying in Dubai. She told me how she missed these after seeing my Lunar New Year bake. Since she has a friend who will be visiting her on Monday, I fulfilled my promise and baked her some.

As my daughter is not allowed to eat chilled fruits, an advice by the chinese physican. My hubby bought a huge bunch of banana for her, without realising the banana get ripe very quickly.

As I am into my baking mood and to finish the whole lot of bananas quickly, I churned out banana milkshake which all enjoyed. Thinking about how much I love chiffon, and with a newly acquired book that a friend helped me to buy during her trip in Taiwan. I experiment one of the recipe and that is Banana Chiffon.

My effort was nearly wasted when I found out that I had forgotten to separate the sugar amount for the egg whites and egg yolks. Then again, I had once again forgotten the golden rule of reading the recipe three times!

Since the banana wasn’t ripe to the stage of brown spots on the skin, I took that chance that it might not be as sweet, thus I added in another one and half tablespoon sugar to the egg whites so that at least I am able to stabilise it.

The final batter looks fine and I was hoping that the cake will be a success like my passion fruit chiffon.

Unfortunately….. see how crinkled and ugly it looks…



I would prefer this chiffon to have a stronger banana taste as it it is a banana chiffon after all but was a little disappointing. I suspect it could be the my bananas are not ripen enough for bakes.

Nevertheless, all is not lost, it is still soft and edible.

I guess I just need to keep on trying till I am good at it.

Noted: As I am not good with Chinese recipe, here is my interpretation. If you spot any mistake, please do help me out. Thanks.

Source: 好吃威戚风蛋糕 轻松上手 by Junko Fukuda

What you need:

130g banana, mashed
1.5 tbsp milk
5 egg yolks
31g castor sugar
80ml salad oil
130g plain flour
7 egg whites
64g castor sugar


Preheat oven to 180 degree.

Mixed mashed banana with milk. Set aside.

Beat egg yolks with castor sugar. Add corn oil. Then add in mashed banana mixture. Beat till incorporated.

Add in flour and mixed till you get a smooth batter.

Whisk egg white till foamy and slowly add in second part of the castor sugar. Beat till stiff perk.

Remove 1/3 of the egg white and mixed into the egg yolk batter.

Fold in the remaining egg whites.

Pour batter into a 20cm or 8" chiffon tin.

Baked for 40 min or till cook.

Over turn cake tin while cooling.
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