Saturday, March 26, 2011

An unbelieveable night

Last night, I went to my girl's school for a briefing about what the primary 3 will be doing for this year.

After an hour of listening to the principal's talk, we proceeded on to the respective class for teachers to give presentations on what they will be covering and how the kids will be assessed. All went well till the Chinese teacher's presentation.

Three parents were actually requesting the teacher to give remedial class for their kids who on average were scoring 70 - 80%. In fact one was so unhappy that her daughter was in this class because she was a Band 1 (with 90+% score for 2010 SA1) kid and because of medical reason, she did badly for her final exam last year and thus resulted being put in this class.

She felt that her kid was put on disadvantage ground as the teaching pace will be slower because other kids were "less bright". The subject head handled it very well. She said unlike Maths or Science, language is very different. If a child is a 90% scorer, her score will not differ much from this range with slower pace learning as the environment is still the same as others unless they are from Higher Chinese class. Of course, the parents involved shared a differ view.

They insisted that the teacher besides giving remedial classes to weaker students, they should offer the same to these 70%-80% scorer so that they will score even better.

The Subject Head was saying, if the child scored 90%, she will be in the Higher Chinese Group. Then another mother quickly said that she is not aiming for a 90% score but rather she is happy with a 70% scorer child and yet she wanted remedial class for her kid. Now what is she saying? I am lost.

My hubby and I sat through listening to their argument with amusement. For us, we are happy enough to know that our child enjoys her class. Didn’t get a red mark on her report book and that is all it matters. As the night goes on, our hungry tummies couldn’t take it anymore, we bade the teachers good night.

Leaving the school, my heart goes out for these teachers. These days, being a teacher is really tough, isn’t it?

For a Saturday lunch, we cooked Mee Rebus. Wasn’t that happy with the result, in fact, I think my attempt years ago was a better version as it is more like the Malay style. This one is more modified for the Chinese palate I think.

If you like a more watery base, this one is for you.


source: Celebrate Wesley 125th

What you need:

Blend into a smooth paste
10 dried chillies, soften and drained
5 slices blue galangal
5 slices young ginger
20 shallots
5 cloves garlic
8 candlenuts
1 tbsp belachan
1 - 2 tbsp water if necessary

300g sweet potatoes, steamed and mashed (I will increase this if you want a thicker gravy)
1.5l boiling water
3 tbsp curry powder with 100ml water to form paste
4 tbsp salted soy beans, mashed
4 tbsp hae bee, soak and grind finely
150g roasted peanut grind finely

1kg fresh yellow noodles
500g bean sprouts


8 hard boiled egg, halved or sliced
6 pieces of tau kwa deep fried and cubed
300g dried shrimp, toasted till crispy
Deep fried shallots
sliced green chillies
dark soya sauce


Heat up oil and fry the rempah till fragrant, add in taucheo, curry paste and chopped hae bee, fry for a few mins. Sprinkle some water to prevent burning.

Bring the mashed sweet potato and water mixture to boil, stirring constantly and lower heat to a simmer for 15 mins.

Add in the ground peanut and seas to taste with salt and sugar.

Blanch the noodles and bean sprouts.

Place noodles and beansprout into individual serving bowl, ladle over the gravy and garnish.

Serve hot.
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  1. Mee favo dish...what is the recipe?

  2. Recently, when I went to my boy's school, I overhead a parent from nursery 2 requesting for homework to be given to the kids! omg!

  3. Oh well, some parents are just FON (full of nonsense) ! Really can't stand their behaviour. Btw, I love your mee rebus! ;)!

  4. My favourite too. Recipe coming up soon.

  5. Hi Edith,

    Wow, Mee Rebus, yummy yummy. DH and my fav.

    Tried several ways, but failed. And over here in US, can't find the ready-made paste. Oh, I missed them terribly. Seeing the pix really made me drool.

    Mee Rebus, how I missed u. Sob sob.


  6. Hi Edith! I'm so elated to know how empathic you are for teachers. But unfortunately, not every parent is like that. It can be such a nightmare "wrestling" with them sometimes. Usually i just shuddup and smile throughout their rantings. lol

    kudos for making mee rebus from scratch! I won't have the patience for sure!

  7. think she's just trying to look vocal in front of the other parents but don't realise what she's saying. haha i like my dish wetter as this looks yummy to me!

  8. Your Mee Rebus looks so so yummy...I am totally drooling...!

  9. i have heard a lot of parents putting pressure on both their kids and the kid's teachers. Your kids are lucky that you are not one of those!
    Your Mee Rebus looks delicious!I have always loved dipping my hard boiled egg in my gravy for this!

  10. I doubt I'll be able to sit thru the entire session if I were in the same situation...I am sure this is nothing new to the teachers. I only pity their kids...

  11. Same old scenario at most schools' briefing. Can't blame the parents, we have the kiasu syndrome. On the other hand, parents should have some consideration for the teachers. 35 to 40 kids versus 1 teacher is tough.
    I like mee rebus and yours looks good! I don't mind having a plate!

  12. Beautiful dish! How I miss mee rebus. Gotta make it soon.

  13. Mool, tried this or the other version I made. It is not that difficult. See whether the ingreidents is avail in Asian stores.

    travellingfoodies, I always feel that kids these days are hard to handle and the parents are even tougher.

    Jean, they weren't happy that their kids were put in a slower pace class. They said it will affect their kids performance.

    Cooking Gallery, thanks.

    crustabakes, my son won't say this about me. hahaha... I pushed according to my kids capability.

    Happy Homebaker, totall agree with you.

    busygran, this kiasu attitude is actually created by MOE! They wanted to source for the Cream of the Crop but in the progress, created tons of pressure for the kids.


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