Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My son left for his school camp today. It was a terrible day I should say. I felt so depressed and miserable and missed my hubby terribly. My girl is also getting the low as she too misses her daddy.

Don't get me wrong that I am depressed because my son is away. I am depressed because he has caused me so much stress today and I am actually glad that he is away and giving me some breather.

For I don't have to nag and shout for the next three days is really something that I am looking forward to. Raising my son is extremely challenging, every step of the way I had to remind and watch over. I am fine with the reminding part but I just wish he will just comply.

Please bear with me for the following ranting. I am so affected by today’s happening that my chest feels tight, my cough got worse and seriously my spirit is low right now.

Take for example, I had remind him to pack his bag for this camp 3 days in advance. Giving him time to consolidate the list. Nothing done. Right up to Tuesday, his bag was still not packed. On the eve of the school camp, we had to gather all his things for him. His reason: I can't pack when my 2 PE tees are not ready!!!

Next, his final soccer match falls on the same day as his camp. I asked him to check how the arrangement is going to be. The match starts at 3pm and all the Secondary 2 boys are leaving the school around 10ish for the camp site. Is he going to be alone in school for 5 hours? He refused to check.

Apparently he needs to bring all his camping stuff as well as his soccer jersey and shoes. Ended up he is the ONLY boy that has no attire for the soccer training. Guess what, he rang and expected me to bring his attire to school for him. His coach sms me to say that he is the ONLY one didn't follow instruction!

This is not all, he also failed TWO of his CORE subjects!!! Good news that I shared earlier ended up not so good news afterall. Though he did, done well for his the other two subjects but we had already warned him many times that he needs to put in extra effort for his CORE subjects. As usual, a deaf ear to our advices.

Remember the incident that I told you about me driving off and leaving him to go school on his own. Well he insisted that I had to acknowledge that I was in the wrong, despite the fact that he makes no intention to hurry. Unbelieveable?

Right now, my hubby feels that I should leave him alone and not mothered him. Managing a teens is really turbulence. I don't know how many of you out there had it easier.

Whatever it is, I am glad that hubby is finally coming home tonight.

Before that, I think daughter and I deserved a bowl of soup, Burdock and Chicken Feet Soup (牛蒡凤爪汤) .

This soup is good for nourishing and cleansing the blood, also moisturise the skin and is good for liver detoxification.


What you need:

300g chicken breast with skin or lean pork
200g burdock
10 chicken feet
3 dried honey dates
4 red dates
6 cup water
1 tsp salt
3 slices ginger
1 tbsp wine


Peel and rinse burdock. Cut into sections and soak in lightly salted water for about 5 mins. This is to prevent discolouration and removing raw taste.

Cut chicken feet into section and scald in boiling water. Rinse well.

Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to boil. Simmer for about 1.5 hours.

Add salt to taste and wine.
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  1. My boy is stepping into teenage soon. Everyday I also have to nag at him to pack his bag, bring his umbrella, make sure his homework are done, etc, etc. He loves to argue, in a "Not my fault what" kind of tone. Sometimes I just walk away. When I'm really angry, I will refuse to talk to him for the rest of the day to "wake him up" a bit. I guess, boys really require more time and more heartache. It will pass eventually. Meanwhile, just rant it out when you need to. Look for me in FB when you want to find someone to "complain" to. :)

  2. KWF, I heard about the teen nightmare phrase but though mentally prepared but it is still extremely tiring and frustrating to handle them.

    One only knows how I feel when I is actually doing it.

    Thanks for being here for me. It is good to find someone who understand what I am going thru.

  3. *hugs* hang in there, Edith. You'll get through this. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

  4. Edith, 加油!
    Girl's may not be necessarily better and I can vouch for it. Plus teenage rebellious streak comes much earlier than before.
    My hubby told not to be bothered with my elder gal but he finds it difficult to stay out too.

  5. I have two girls and they were also quite difficult in their teen years.
    Edith, it will pass once they are matured. Try to minimize the mothering part. This is the stage they feel they are old enough to make some decisions. Perhaps you could try not to get him to pack his stuff. Just let him do it in his own time even if it's the last minute and even if he forgets some things. But I know a mother's heart will never have confidence that her child can do it on his/her own.
    The important thing is to take care of your health.

  6. Thanks NEL, I am trying to hand in there. Thanks for the hugs.

    Mave, I thoughts girl gives problem later. Time really changed.

    I already tried closing one eye but when it is problem from school, I just can't help but open two eyes again. Haiz....

    Busygran, perhaps if I survived this period, I can look back and said okay it is not that bad. Just like when I looked back at their younger days, it seems so easy now. I really hope that he matures faster before I go mad. LOLz.

    I also tried not to mother him now but there are certain things I just couldn't let it be. Haiz crazy me right?

  7. Hi Edith,

    I'm facing the same problem as you too. My boy is as same age as your son. I'm struggling each day, and I feel my heart tightened, blood pressure shooting up everyday at 4pm because that's the time he arrives home from school.Weekends are the worst.Sometimes, I don't even wish to be at home :-(
    Anyway, I can't help afterall it's parents' responsibility to watch out for them. It's rather sad for me that this boy who were once an angel has turned into a 'monster'. Lol!


  8. Edith, you really had a rough day.. here's a big big hug to you! you will get through this i believe you can and you will!

  9. I can understand what you are going thru. My girl is going to be 15 years. At times, depending on her mood (which is most of the time), she can be quite rude and abusive (in her language and at times physical). Her actions and speech leave me wonder why I ever have children? No wonder nowadays the women do not want to have children....

  10. hi Edith,

    my kids are now turning 6 and 4 this year - as naughty as they can be, they're my angels still

    i guess i have to prepare myself when they're in their teens

    thks for sharing, hope u dun mind if next time in the future i run look for u whenever need advice :P

    u take care and be strong ya *hugz*

  11. hi Edith,

    my kids are now turning 6 and 4 this year - as naughty as they can be, they're my angels still

    i guess i have to prepare myself when they're in their teens

    thks for sharing, hope u dun mind if next time in the future i run look for u whenever need advice :P

    u take care and be strong ya *hugz*


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