Sunday, March 27, 2011

On her own

My little one had been bugging me to let her bake muffins as last week. As we were settling into routine again after the school break, my answer to her was not time yet.

This weekend, she bugged me again. So after coming home from Sungei Buloh, I expected to be tired and needed a nap, she surprised me by wanting to bake.

Since J gave me two punnets of blueberries the other day, I complied to little one's wishes by letting her baked her Blueberry Muffins.

This time round, with minimum supervision, she produced these.


I can see that she is very proud of herself as she kept wanting to eat it way before it cooled.

I am happy to know that my princess is into baking and hopefully she inherit all my baking stuff when I become old.


With leftover sweet potatoes, my helper introduced this new Indonesian dessert, Biji Salak.


This is like our Tang Yuan but only it is added with sweet potato.
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  1. wow looks like your daughter is following in your footsteps :D her muffin looks really good!


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