Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missing it

My girl was yearning for strawberry and we didn't have much luck getting it till last weekend.

Korean strawberry is supposedly to be in season or am I wrong? Hubby was telling me that eating Korean Strawberries here is much cheaper than buying it in Korea. Strange isn't it? Anyway, not all of them are nice and juicy. You need to get a certain brand is what my sister told me.

Despite it looks so red and juicy. Not all of the 3 boxes that I bought was sweet and since my girl dislike sourish fruits and it had been quite a while since we last had Strawberry Shortcake, I decided not to waste the berries.

Bad news is that I am supposed to make a 9" sponge cake, my sponge as usual collapsed on me. I seriously don't know why. I beat the egg and sugar till ribbon stage and baked it at a lower temp for a long period of time but yet.... haiz.

I had to trimmed the cake smaller because of the irregular shape and then frost it.

Nevertheless, not all is wasted because this cake is still delicious.


Sorry about the messy cake layout as it was nearly all gone before I had a chance to take a picture.

What you need:

4 eggs
250g optima flour
70ml water
70ml corn oil
1 tsp vanilla


Beat all together for about 10+ minutes till really thick and light and fluffy.

Baked at 170 deg for 55 mins.

Chantilly cream

250g whipping cream (I will increased this next time with another 100g)
2.5 tbsp castor sugar


When cake is cooled, cut into half.

Spread a third of the cream on the lower base cake, arrange strawberries round it.

Spread another a third of the cream on top of the strawberry.

Cover it with the other half of the cake.

Using remaining cream, spread it all round the cake.

Chill and serve cold.
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  1. Your Strawberry shortcake look so delicious. no wonder it is almost gone b4 u get the shot :)

  2. whatever happened to the cake, it looks heavenly delicious to me!
    my girl's fave too :)

  3. the cake still looks pretty good edith!

    Have you been using this recipe for the sponge base all this while?

  4. It looks just like a bakery's sponge cake! I don't know much about sponge cakes, but whenever I bake them they shrink on me too. Maybe the temperature changes too quickly when you take it out of the oven? I wish I could try this recipe out, but I've never seen optima flour before in the states.

  5. Not messy at all. Looks delicious to me =)

  6. The strawberry shortcake looks good. Same like you, whenever I make sponge cake I keep my finger cross and I will be very eager + nervous to check out the outcome because I do get surprise sometimes (meaning my cake sank) or got uneven shape. :(


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