Monday, March 28, 2011

Long overdue

When I am on the internet, it is generally when I am alone or if my kids are already back from school. It will be in between coaching them or attending to their needs by then. I am usually like a busy bee, doing many things at one time.

Thus, I often overlooked and something just doing a brief read on blogs and hoping that I can come back and do my commenting.

I know some of you would prefer to be a silent reader. As a blogger, though not important but leaving a comment does motivate. As least, it doesn't feel so empty even though you know that the traffic to your blog is not that bad. Psychological mind? Perhaps.

Anyway, when Noms I Must forwarded me an award on 17 March 2011, I know I must be on my multi tasking mode and thus didn't act to that right away.

Bad bad me .... but this is how I am. Doing too many things and remembering as much but the brain just at times couldn't cope. Yes, that is how two sisters by now understood me and often sent me reminders to follow up on certain stuff that I promised them. My second sister, at times, act like my secretary. hahaha

With the new week just started, and as I went through my brain cell to see what I need to follow up, I suddenly remembered Noms I Must’s blog post. She must be wondering how thoughtless I am.

So here I am getting my butt moving...

Thanks Noms I Must for passing on this award to me. It sure been a long time since I last received one and it indeed brings sweet feeling as you know you are not the forgotten lots.


Here are the rules to abide in order to accept this award and they are:

1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

So here's the randomness:

1. These days, I like impromptu plan especially fixing a date with girl friends when schedule permits.

2. With 2 solo trips done, I realised that I truly enjoyed travelling with my fellow mommy gang for a short getaway. Not that I don’t love my family but the time alone is really good for my soul.

3. Decided to sign up for tennis lesson together with my kids and already done one lesson. A great way to bond with my kids as we have a common topic now to chat about.

4. I seriously need to be more focus in my faith.

5. I started a habit of nibbling on chocolate but oh gosh, this is so bad especially just before bedtime.

7. I gets very pissed and hurt when judgement is made that stay home mom knows nothings about the world despite proven many times that I ain't stupid.

8. Am planning to do something major to my well being this June. Let's hope I won't chicken out.

It was tough to forward this to more bloggers as many of you already had been awarded. (sorry my fellow regular bloggers- I didn't forget you)

I took the opportunity to dedicate this award to Singapore bloggers. Let's hope we can get to know each other better within home ground.

Not too sure whether you already been awarded with this sweet award but will love to forward this to the below lovely bloggers!

1. Quizzine from Baking on Cloud 9
2. Janine from Not the kitchen sink
3. Honey boy from Cosy Bake
4. Small small baker
5. Love Melody, love baking
6. Allie from Sweet and love
7. Happy Home Baking
8. Yummy Koh from Yummy Bakes
9. Hanushi from Simply Hanushi
10. Away of Mind
11. SCP79 from Love to cook and cook to be loved
12. DG from Tested and Tasted
13. Travelling Foodies
14. Crustabakes
15. Angie from
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  1. Hi Edith, thanks for passing the award to me :):)

  2. Thank you Edith for the award.

  3. Thanks for the award! I haven't received one for a long time. :)

  4. Edith, thanks for giving the award to me! :)

  5. Happy Homebaker, Yummy Koh, Small Small Baker, hanushi: My pleasure.

  6. Most of the time I fall into your silent reader category :) Thank you Edith for giving me such a beautiful award, I appreciate it very much.

  7. Hi Edith, congrats on the award. I do agree that reading other bloggers comments does give you the push to continue posting. Keep up the good work my friend.

  8. it's okay lar hahah it's no easy feat coming up with the list of 7 random things cos sometimes we're too busy till we don't take time and think abt ourselves.

  9. Hi Edith,
    Thanks for passing me this award! I hope to get to know you better too (@@)

  10. Edith,

    congrats on the award! you truly deserve it. I am also a silent reader most of the time, oops. But I do hop over frequently to read and eye-feast on your cooks and bakes =]

  11. hi, well done and nice to read a little more abt you. JUst as you have a habit of munching chocs before bedtime, i;ll munch on a packet of twisties ..must be cheese flavour!

  12. Edith,

    Thanks for sharing the award with me. It's my very first award after more than a year of blogging! This means a lot to me. :) Hug hug!!

    btw, i think you missed out your 6th randomness..... haha...

  13. Hi Edith! Thanks for the award and brightening up my day!

    I love munching crackers cream crackers before sleeping too! Sometimes dunking them in hot milo! yumzzz...

  14. Ah Tze, you are welcome.

    The Sweetylicious, thanks.

    Jo, yah reading comments actually motivates.

    Jean, must try coz the thought cannot go "empty handed"

    Bakertan, you are making me blush.

    lena, Twisties was much childhood snack!

    Honey boy, my pleasure

    travellingfoodies, I am happy it did.

  15. Thanks Edith for passing this lovely award :))

  16. thanks for the award Edith! I missed the bloggers meet up at ur place the last time... Hope we get a chance to meet soon :)


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