Monday, March 07, 2011

Last week of Term 1

One moment, we were counting down to 2011 and now we are already nearly done with Term 1.

These days, my son is growing so fast that I am sure by mid year, he will be towering over my hubby. My little one though not growing as fast as her elder brother but she is progressing well. My only concern is that she will put on weight and be as big as her cousin.

Now looking at my kids either towering over me or catching up to be as tall as me, I feel old. In time to come, I know they will leave the nest.

In the meantime, I still need to balance the bickering, the noise and my inner peace. Starting from tomorrow, I am getting nearly 4 days of peace that is without nagging. Gosh I am so looking forward to it. As boisterous as he can be, my first born has his soft side.

I remembered his first camping trip when he was in Primary 5, the teacher actually called me because my son was showing home sickness and cried. On his second camping trip (secondary 1), he called me to tell me he missed me and that made me cried.

Now I am wondering will he call me again. hahaha... perhaps he will be rejoicing all the way as he is getting much more nagging now than before.

As for my girl, she has a different set of personality from her brother. She is a silent protestor. She will be going for a one DAY camp on the first day of her school holiday. This is a 7 hours “day camp” organized by her school. I think she is afraid to go, thinking that she won’t be able to come home. So even though I signed up for the camp, she actually told the teacher that I didn’t allow her to go. The teacher was confused. Cunning little one, isn’t she? Unfortunately for her, mummy and teachers are “best” friends.

Even though I told her that it is going to be fun, I can see that she does not believe what I told her. I just need to nudge her a little out of her comfort zone.

Since my kids enjoy pizza, today I will make some specially for him.

My first time doing hand knead dough. I was so happy that I finally got it right.

Like what the author mentioned, it is after all not that difficult. His method of kneading is also pretty fun.

Thanks Q for encouraging me, without it, I think I still dare not venture into this.

Homemade pizza is always the best because you can just load up on the toppings. Salami Pizza is my kids' favourite and we love them lots.


Next we had a cheese pizza, which is my favourite.


Verdict, the dough is really soft and yummy. Unfortunately, I still have problem shaping the pizza. My daughter was commenting that my pizza is not round and as much as I rolled it, I still cannot get it to be thin and round.

Guess, I still need to work harder on this one.

I thought I can sleep better tonight but my son just delivered bad news to me. He didn't do well for the rest of his papers. In fact, he flunked two papers and they are core subjects! Though not badly, it is enough to proof that his studying style is far from expectation.

Now he has to give up soccer to make time for tuition. Haiz....

Let's enjoy our dinner first and wait for hubby to come home this weekend to discuss further with son. I give up talking logic with him.

Findings: This is not the crusty type but the olive oil dough is soft and has good flavour.

Source: Richard Bertinet, Dough

What you need:

15g fresh yeast
500g bread flour
10g salt
50g olive oil
320g water


Rub yeast into flour to become crumb like. Add in salt, olive oil and water. Mix till you form a dough.

Pour onto the table and knead to form an elastic dough.

Let it proof for 1 hour till it doubles the volume.

Divide dough into three. Shape into a ball and let it rest for 10 mins.

Floured table and take one ball and shaped it into a flat dough, using your heel of the palm and push from centre outwards. Keep stretching till you achieved a round pizza shape of around 20cm.

Life the pizza bases to a floured baking pan and top with your favourite toppings.

Bake at 240 degree for 10 - 12 mins or till golden brown.
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  1. Edith, you should try shaping your pizza dough into those short 8" round cake pan, just remember to grease it well. :) Hope you make full use and rest during that 4 days of not missing your babies too much. :))

  2. i like savory salami on my pizza too! looks mouthwatering and delicious.

    and thanks for your encouragement edith. im even more determined to further my studies now :)

  3. homemade pizza taste the best! and i will definitely try this when i move into my new home! so for the time being i have to drool at yours! you are a great mom edith!

  4. Your pizzas look fab! It is fun making pizza because we have a free hand on the toppings.

  5. Pizza is always very popular with kids and versatile too with their toppings. So cute that your kids are participating in the pizza making. Never mind about the's all the taste!

  6. Gee, the cheesy golden pizzas looked so yummy! Me too! I can never get a round pizza. LOL

  7. Edith, you are making me tempting to bake pizza, wishing that my energy is back now! My husband always commented that my pizza never be round, baked so many times but still no improvement :P

  8. Sorry Jess, too excited and overlooked this.

    Done up now.

  9. No matter how "naughty" the kids are, they are always babies in our hearts rights? I love pizza too, and yours look delicious :-))

  10. aaaw, isnt ur son the cutest to have called u to say he missed you. I hope you enjoy your quiet four days and not miss your son too much. And thats a wonderful looking pizza. I am sure the family enjoyed it thoroughly despite it not being round! LOl

  11. Edith, I think your pizza looks fine, but it would be easier to shape if you let it sit for ten minutes or so before rolling. This is my first visit to your blog and I've been browsing through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did. I really like the food and recipes you feature here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Thanks quizzine. Yes no matter what happened, they are still my babies but sometime, it can be so trying till you break.

    crustabakes, that was last year. This year, he has changed drastically that my life is not at breaking point. I doubt I will miss him. hahaha

    Mary I did let it rest for 10 mins. But somehow I still have problem stretching it out into a pizza shaped.

    Glad you enjoyed my blog.


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