Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome our guests

I am delighted that my aunts came for a visit. I love having them around. My youngest aunt is only two years my senior and thus we are close. In the past, whenever I visited Hong Kong, she will be the one bringing me to eat the best dim sum or to the latest eating house. Sometime, just to accompany me for shopping when she has her day off.

I hardly get to see my older aunt as she lives further away. She was an awesome knitter, unfortunately she has stopped knitting. I still remembered her knitting me a sweater many years ago, all done in one night. Talking about this, I think I better ask her whether she knows how to knit socks. LOLz.

I decided to cook Penang Laska for them.

Talking about this dish, I had a hard time putting the ingredients together. Well I have to be blame because I didn’t plan it well. The regular supermarket that I go to on Sunday, didn’t carry those herbs needed and on Monday, it is a bad day to go to the wet market as most stalls are closed.

I was desperate, in fact, I ran around at least 3 markets before I managed to put the stock and garnishes together just in time for our dinner.

I am glad that my mom takes a second helping and even my fussy sister gave an A for this. Everyone enjoyed it so much.

Do try it!

Talking about mom, she seems so much better these days. Put on weight and her appetites seem to be improving. Thanks to my sister in law who found her the RIGHT doctor. She is now diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and it seems that the medication she is taking is finally effective.

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  1. looks really good..salivating already!

  2. Thanks Lena, it is a good recipe.


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