Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Thinking about my mom's pot of soup

My mom makes the best soup in town. Our growing up years, soup is a compulsory item on our dinner menu.

Be it herbal or any rich broth, we always drink them up hungrily. Somehow, mommy dearest always gets it right. The intensity of the rich, wholesome flavourful all goes into that bowl of soup. If there is a second helping, all of us never denied one.

Anyway, my daughter was commenting that for a long time, she hasn't had a bowl of good soup at home.

Definitely I feel guilty as this mommy is really lazy, especially of late. With health like a roller coaster, I think it is about time that each of us gets a bowl of wholesome goodness to boost up our health.

Furthermore, my little one started to complain that her legs are feeling the pain again (the bone area). I noticed that she will usually complain about the pain after some exercises especially when she takes a break in exercising for some time, like in a school break.

What I understand is that her bones are growing. I used to have that when I was a young girl. The pain can be so intense that it will wakes me up and I only can be comforted when my parents rub ointment and then cover it with a blanket (like a heat treament), only then I can fall asleep again.

So when I saw some chicken feet while doing my grocery shopping. I immediately think of this Chicken Feet with peanut Soup (花生鸡脚汤).

Chicken feet contain a high level of collagen which is good for skin as it helps to retain moisture and maintain firmness. Sometime that is good for my daughter and I as we both have dry skins.

This soup helps to expel dampness and improve circulation in the limbs. So this soup will be the perfect choice for today.



What you need:

100g Peanut
50g old ginger
300g pork ribs
20 chicken feets
10 cups of water


Rinse beans, peanuts, and slice old ginger.

Scald porkj ribs and chicken feets in boiling water.

Put all ingredients in soup pot and add water.

Bring to a boil and then simmer over low heat for 3 hours.

Season with salt.
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  1. Our family's favourite soup too! Sometimes I added lotus, it will make the soup even nicer :)

  2. This is my favourite soup too! It's been too long since I have tasted it.


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