Thursday, February 10, 2011


Gone were the nice, breezy and cool weather. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Of course in Singapore, the humidity follows and that sucks. One moment, it can be scorching hot. Dark clouds might seems looming in the horizon but the rain never came. It didn't help at all when the potent viral bug is still loitering in the air.

I am trying to stay in bed indoor as much as possible but it isn't doing me a good deal as well. Hubby said I have to exercise to strengthen up my deteriorating body. Somehow I just can't will myself to do it.

Remember there was a period that I said I will be walking in East Coast Park after I dropped off my son in school. Well, I did but for a very short period. It was extremely boring walking alone even though lots of interesting things to watch out. So if you are living in Marine Parade and is seeking for an exercise buddy, please buzz me.

I also didn't like going to the club with hubby in the morning for swim or run on the treadmill. You see there is this bunch of bloody inconsiderate members. They were such selfish and arrogant idiots. I shall not talk about them because if not, my blood will boil.

I reckon that it is better I don't go than to work up my blood pressure and ruin my day with these people. Of course, hubby doesn’t know why. He only can conclude that I am lazy.

Enough said, today I prepared a 3 types carrot soups (三色蘿蔔湯) that my family always enjoys. I don't know what to call this in English, if you know, do let me know.


This soup has detoxifying properties. After all those high calories goodies that we had been munching during the Lunar New Year, this soup definitely helps.

Anyway, enough of being a slacker at home. I think I need to get myself out of the house besides sending and picking up kids or going to supermarkets. To shake off that "sick" feeling, thus today, I met up a friend who is a fellow blogger for lunch.

I had a great afternoon yakking with her over Thai lunch. It is good to be reconnected back to the world again.

How was your day?
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  1. that's the soup that i love too! but i spotted meat! normally ppl add pork but my family dont eat pork. add sweet corn and is super yummy too! (: my day was not so good because the weather simply puts me off! and is temperamental with scorching sun and heavy rain!!

  2. This is my kind of comfort food! Love to dip the tender pork ribs in soya sauce to go with rice. Yum!

  3. 3 type of carrots....what is the green colour 1?

  4. Happy CNY Edith and yup the heat is back. Now I wish it was cloudy and cool again.. sigh!

  5. That is a beautiful photograph. I'm new here and have just spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I love your photos and the food you feature here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. 3 type of carrots....what is the green colour 1?


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