Friday, February 25, 2011

Our favourite

Next week, I will be really busy as I have guests in town and will be balancing my routine and spending time with them. Also I have once again taking in enquiries for Cupcake Fantasies. I decided it is long enough break for me and I better start my craft again. If not, I might loose touch with it.

Anyway, my girl was yearning for sweet corn. Sweet corn is a hot favourite for both my kids. Usually I will just steam it and coat it with butter and have it as snacks. Sometime I will just cut out the corn niblet and add them to porridge. Alternatively, I also prepare them in soup form and that makes a lovely and tasty soup.

Whenever we were down in Singapore Expo, my kids without fail will want a cup of those steamed corn. I also requested that they add just a pinch of salt.

Since I needed to clear my fridge to reload new supplies, I better make them a bowl of Sweet Corn Soup for this erratic weather. One minute is burning hot and the next min it started to rain.


The additional of carrots further enhance the sweetness of this soup.
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  1. am a big fan of corn as well. will always have a corn cup when I visit pasar malam without fail. Your soup looks delicious and nutritious at the same time. it's always amazing how mothers incorporate nutritious food into their home cooking/baking for their children :)


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