Friday, January 21, 2011

When a homemaker is down and out ...

What happened when a homemaker is ill?

Her eyes and head are burning, her skin is screaming in pain, she is coughing, her throat is patch dry.... and she is obviously very ill and needed very much to be in bed.

Well nothing, life will still function as normal. She will still needs to ferry her kids, she will still needs to ensure all their needs are catered for.

That is the saddest part of being a homemaker. When you are ill, there isn't a replacement for you. LOLz.

So everyday I pray that I won't be down with a flu for it is the worst ailment you can get especially if you are burning with a fever.

Anyway, I finally make through the day and was able to visit a doctor in the evening. With a strong dose of medication and a night of rest, I was feeling a little better today, at least much better than yesterday.

After 8 years as a homemaker, my hubby finally takes time off from work and volunteered to ferry my girl to her tuition class today. I was simply touched and comforted.

While they were gone, guess what, I couldn't sleep despite taking the cough and cold mixture (牛力命). Yes it is the pre ferment dough that is sitting in the fridge and yelling out for me. hahaha

I had prepared this dough thinking of freshly baked bread for my kids. Without realising that I am the next victim of this flu epidemic.

As it has been sitting for more than 17 hours in the fridge and I didn't want to waste the dough either. I proceed on, after all, cinnamon rolls sounded really delicious and with my kids not having proper meal these past days, I believe that it will be a good welcome for them as a snack.

This time round, I have used fresh yeast. Yes I finally found them in Singapore. I should say it is way easier to handle than instant ones.

I don’t know why, but my dough took longer to proof. With energy draining by the minutes, I didn't wait till my third proof to be fully developed. I just dumped it into the oven.

Luckily it still turned out soft. It is a far cry from the Cinnamon Roll that I ate before. Hubby commented that there isn't enough Cinnamon. For me, I think it lacks the "sticky" feel. Also I can hardly call this a roll for it is squarish!

Now I really need to surf and see how people do it and hope to do a better job next time. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will feel recharge and start to prepare for my CNY baking.

Till then, Happy Baking to all and a good weekend.


With still nearly a block of fresh yeast in the freezer, I am sure more bread churning out from this little kitchen of mine.

Recipe source: Natural Breads Made Easy Pg 63
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  1. It's that hard to get fresh yeast over there?
    Gosh, I could just get it 2 doors away at the grocery shop.
    Same goes, even if I'm sick, I still have to care for my girls, but if he's sick, nothing changes, except another big baby to take care of. We never get a day off, even if we're sick.

  2. Hope you are getting better. Rest well!

  3. Hi Edith,

    Me gotta the virus from the little one too ... Sigh! Like what u mentioned, still need to cater to other kids needs and ferry them here n there. It is indeed tiring, and with hubby out of town.

    Thanks for the invitation, but we won't be coming home for CNY. One thing is the sch system here, if the kids did not attending sch for 2 weeks, it considered them as withdrawal and will face difficulties to find secure seats when coming back. I missed Chinatown and the CNY atmosphere ....

    Will let u know when hubby contact is up and when we are back. Love to meet you in person too.

    U take care, looking forward for more yummy recipes from you.


  4. It's the flu season. Keep warm, eat well and have lots of rest. It's true when mum/wife is sick, she has to continue with her daily chores. I had been at it for the past 36 years and still doing it.
    You can get fresh yeast from JB, one of the supermarts. My friend buys from there.

  5. I hope you've recovered already. It's truly tough to be a homemaker. Hope everyone at home have recovered. Take care.

  6. oh dear, many are falling sick right now, i have been going to the hospital to visit 3 different friends who were hospitalised just this year alone!

    lovely cinnamon squares u've got there. get well soon!

  7. Hey Edith, hope you get better. You've got a 24 hour job - I know I would go crazy :)

  8. Edith, hope you are better now and take care.

  9. Wendy, I don't see it in a regular baking supply shop till I bumped into a lady and she told me only one shop in singapore sells them and it is not near my place. :(

    Having no day off is a setback for homemaker isn't it?

    Thanks Aimei, still trying to recharge.

    Mool, You too? gosh, this virus travels. Let's catch up when you are home. :) or else we can chat over msn?

    J, being a mother now, I understand what my mom went thru when she was looking after us when young. Seriously no joke. When one sick, it is like a domino.

    Unfortunately I don't go JB leh :( Heard that lots of goodies avail there. :)

    J, my gal had a relapse over the weekend. So now still nursing her and yet finding my own strength back. I think I am still not 100% fit.

    Thanks Jean for dropping by. Yah, this virus seems really potent. Better stay indoor.

    Shirley, nice to hear from you again. HOpe all is well. Catch up soon.


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