Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mid life crisis?

I finally hit mid 40s. I only can pray that more ups than downs will be coming my way as I approached this mid life crisis. Besides the gravity forces pulling on my face, butt and boobs, bracing myself to menopause period was the main concern. Roller coaster emotion was what I was told that I will experience as my hormones changes. I can only announced to my hubby and kids that they have to stay clear of this radar if such outburst occurs.

When you hit your 40s, birthday celebration is no longer a grand dame affair. I rather enjoyed low key and quiet celebration and this year round, it is no difference.

As I am feeling under the weather as well, I seriously doubt I am 100% recovered as I still feel weak and tired easily. I didn't bake myself a cake too. In fact, I don't recall baking myself a birthday cake all these years.

With my little one, having a relapse and started her fever all over again. We opted for an alfresco dinning and make it a quick affair so that she can go home to rest.

It is really worrisome and heart pain to see this once lively girl become so listless and dull. Kids don't lie when they are sick. It is plainly written all over their faces.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned more bread coming your way. I did baked a loaf of white toast in the morning. Trying to jazz up a plain white loaf with some chocolate chips to entice the kids but it turned out to be in a mess.


My parents came over to give me my birthday ang pows (they are always so sweet) and thus I have a new panel of tasters. Mom said it is soft but dad finds it a little wet and I totally agree with him.

Can bread be baked longer so that it is drier? Is there such a theory like cake?

What are you thoughts?

Recipe source: Natural Breads Make Easy - 17 hours Pg 22
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  1. baking bread is fun - lots to learn. happy bday. so u had bread instead of cake?? _kirsten

  2. Edith, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 'youth' while you can. Don't worry about menopause. You have to watch out for andropause. The man of the house will behave more differently than us women! Hope you will recover thoroughly for cny. Hope your girl will have a speedy recovery too.
    From experience, bread baked a little longer produces a rather dry texture! Happened to me!

  3. Happy Birthday Edith, i hope your mood lightens up, and i hope ur girl recovers fast too!

  4. Happy Birthday Edith, i hope your mood lightens up, and i hope ur girl recovers fast too!


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