Sunday, January 02, 2011

Let's welcome 2011

A big hug to you and a Very Happy New Year to all dropping by, I definitely missed all of you while I was gone.

It was a good break and I actually witness the power of Mother Nature - A blizzard. It was so beautiful to me (being a Singaporean, who never witness a snow storm and clueless what it was till then. Didn't even know how disastrous it was till we watched the news and stepped out of the hotel). We were really blessed that our trip was not really affected by it.

2010 just come and go in a flash. Looking back, its sure been a challenging year for me. Nevertheless, I think parenthood will continue to be a challenge till my kids become independent I guess.

I am going to embrace 2011 with more positive outlook. I need to re-examine my life and to set my priority in a very strict regime as my girl will be embarking on her streaming for P3.

After a good break, I am sure I can counter what comes ahead. Of course, there will be moments that I will flinch and break down once a while but hey if life will be smooth sailing with no ups and downs, I guess it will be a hell of a boring one.

So to start this brand new year, and having my nephew still around (yes, blunder from my brother's forgetfulness to get their passports out of the embassy in time), they deferred their travel schedule and I was delighted to see them again when we got home.

Another good news was that just before I left for my break and if you can recall my little project. Well it has finally blossom and put into print. I am definitely elated about it and was glad that I am given this opportunity. Not just through my little blog that I am able to share but to reach out to a bigger audience.


Definitely a good start for a New Year, don't you agree?

With less than a month to Lunar New Year, I am sure many of you will be sourcing for new and exciting recipes to create delectable goodies to share with love ones during the celebration.

I will be no exception. Thus let's keep each other updated with good recipes.

Till then, I wishes you all a very good year ahead, with plenty of joy, laughter and good health.

Have fun and thanks so much for supporting my blog. So do drop a note to say hello as it meant a lot to me.

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  1. Welcome back & Congrats again! Looking forward to reading your post in 2011!

  2. Hello and welcome back!!!
    It's been so long since u've posted.

  3. Glad to have you back! Awaiting more of your cook and bake posts.

  4. Congrats, Edith.

    Just as I am wondering where you 'disappear' for the past month ....

    A break is good and we need to recharge ourselves here and then. Hoping to see more and learn more from you. My kids have been asking me to look at your blog for more ideas of food, guessed they are sick of my food liao. Haiz ...

  5. welcome back (: and is definitely a good start of the new year (: look forward to more of your great baking (:

  6. Thanks Wen for the well wishes.

    Wendy and J, really missed reading your blogs.

    Thanks Mool. Was away for a white Christmas and some fun for the kids. Really appreciated your support all these time.

    Thanks Sweetylicious for dropping by.

  7. HI Edith

    welcome back! have been diligently checking your blog for new recipes but didn't see any updates for some time...
    wow, did you just publish a cookbook?
    anyway, hope you and your family have a very happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    And Congrats to you being published! :)

  9. hey, congrats on that milestone. vv happy for you - kirsten

  10. Glad to have you back, Edith! Next time plan another trip to NY during non-holiday season. I am sure you are going to enjoy it!

  11. octopusmum, Happy New Year to you too. No way I can publish a cook book lah. I am still a learner.

    Thanks DG.

    THanks Kirsten, it is indeed. BTW, how have you been?

    Hi Shirley, you are right. Give me another reason to be back there. :)


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