Thursday, November 11, 2010

Early start?

These two days, my little princess won’t be going to school. I think she is one happy bird now that she can wake up later.

Though I have no problem getting my kids out of bed but my helper is struggling each morning to get my princess ready for school. Not that she sleeps late but somehow, the little one responded better with my voice.

This little one, since young, cannot be deprived from sleep and food whereas my older one cannot do without play. One good thing is that both kids don't cry or whine when they are deprived from sleep thus make travelling really easy. I can easily wake them in the early hour or past midnight and they will drag their feet with a sleepy mind to wherever they needed to be.

With a bad back, my kids also know that I cannot carry them as well. So I am lucky in that sense.

Okay to start the morning, I wanted to attempt Table for 2's sponge pancake. Looking at her close shot of her pancake, I was thinking about it since last week but due to work commitment, it was held back.

In fact, we actually did a dry run last night and my kids love the taste of it but we didn't do it right as it collapsed once it looses it heat.

So the plan was to have it for breakfast. Unfortunately, after the first one, the second one was burnt and thus no photos for it.

Come to think of it, it looks so similar to one that I done some time back under a different name.

Anyway, there goes our breakfast. Thankfully, my little one had her share and she was a happy gal.

Demoralised, I went about packing the house. I came upon a book that I actually borrowed from the library for my son. I decided to read that and since then, I just couldn't put the book down till I finished it an hour or so ago.

Thinking back, the last time I pick up a book to read was 5 years ago!!!! Blamed it on being a busy mother to a young child back then, or without helper or rather efficient helper, then again, I am sure I can come up with 101 excuses not able to read...

Well it is a good accomplishment. At least I started to pick up a habit that I lost. Hopefully, my mojo for the next book is maintained.

Have some sweet potatoes that my little one requested when I went grocery last week. Didn't want to rot it away and I don't know how else to prepare it besides the boring tong sui.

My helper suggested to fried it and make it into a snack. She doesn't know what to call these. I faintly remember having such snacks during Lunar New Year in the form of yam and it was delicious. If you know the name, do let me know.

It is an easy recipe and can be easily churned out within a hour. A little heavy handed with the caramelising but overall, it is crispy and yummy.

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  1. Edith,
    It is the same one that you did some time ago. You inspired me to do it. Since I made this sweet, I changed to name. And since it's not confined to being folded, a wallet as a name will not be suitable.

  2. I used to eat these caramel sweet potato as a kid. I don't see it around nowadays! Smacking my lips now!

  3. Edith, I wanna do the sponge pancake too but this mth, schedule so tight! The dessert looks nice, I dunno the name too but hope to have some bites!

  4. Aiyoh, Wendy must relax the rules lah, otherwise very boring! Looking forward to your sponge pan cake. In the mean time, these sweet potato treats must have made your children very happy!

  5. LOL! With school break coming ... Are you ready? LOL! Take it easy lar, busy mom!!

    Well, whatever you've done for your kids, I'm sure they love them and will cherish your love and thoughts as they grow up. Don't worry!!!

  6. I used to eat these caramel sweet potato as a kid. I don't see it around nowadays! Smacking my lips now!


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